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"I call this one 'Twilight Over The Moon'."

I should probably do more things with the three unicorns. I love their colours. And plus, reformation therapy is nice done as a group. (Sunset Shimmer's magic aura is different, because I suppose she's changed her ways.)

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I just realized that Sunset Shimmer cutie mark is a Sun and Trixie Cutie mark is a Moon and Celestia cutie mark is also a Sun and Luna cutie mark is also a Moon, they both (Sunset and Trixie) used to hate Twilight and reformed by her and they both have talents in Magics.


Coincident ? I THINK NOT !!!!!!
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Well, as far as Hasbro concern, Sunset Shimmer was Princess Celestia's student, but they didn't hint anything about Trixie. All you can say is perhaps Trixie is Lulamoon student, but that is not possible as Princess Luna was banished to the moon for thousand years, and it could be if Trixie is over 1000 years old. Still, if they are perhaps the replacement of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, that might be possible in the future, as right now Twilight is the princess herself who is going to guide these protagonists just like Princess Celestia guided Twilight. So, I doubt there will be G4.5 for MLP.
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or Trixie WILL be Princess Luna Pupil in season 5.
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Hope Season 6 shows Trixie will be Princess Luna pupil, though chances are not possible.
CrimsonColt7's avatar
There's Hoping !!!
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We are almost at the end of season 5, but still no sign of Trixie...
CrimsonColt7's avatar
there's still a few episodes left, so there's hoping.
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Isnt Trixies Cutie Mark a Tail holding the Wand...? At least thats what i thought.
CrimsonColt7's avatar
a wand and a Crescent Moon.
xXAngelionXx's avatar…
Im not sure... doesnt really look like a moon...
CrimsonColt7's avatar
like a wavy moon if that'll help you.
xXAngelionXx's avatar
Okay... i think? Never seen a wavy moon... but if youre sure, im gonna belive that.
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Sorry, I'm picky, but sunset shimmers magic should be the color of her cutie mark
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3 of the best ponies
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If Trixie is the moon, then Sunset is obviously the sun. Which leaves Twilight 
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Well atleast one of them do have some fun :)
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Trixe: Hahahahahaha! Sunset, you really know how to make The Great and Powerful Trixe laugh.
Sunset: Just a little cosmic revenge against Twilight Sparkle.
Twilight: Yes very funny Sunset, NOW CAN YOU PLEASE PUT ME DOWN?!
Sunset: I want to see how red you get after being upside down for 1 hour.
Twilight: Just put me down.
Sunset: Even though I changed my ways doesn't mean I can't be evil, I mean look at Discord.
Discord: That's different Sunset, I use my chaos powers for parties and other fun stuff, but what your doing is ridiculous.
Celestia: I hate to admit it but Discord's right.
Sunset: Princess Celestia! (Dropping Twilight.)
Twilight: Ouch.
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Twilight's a retard...
ZSnation2440's avatar
well don't be so mean, you might cause an argument
SeaFoamGreenDiamond's avatar
Cuz she was crowned princess.
ZSnation2440's avatar
so you got problem with that, just because she a princess now doesn't mean you can hate her now and another thing calling someone a retard is a very cruel, how would you feel when everyone says YOUR THE BIGGEST RETARD EVER, just be you because you hate her for being a princess
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