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Old Gold Show Girls

Dance you old bags!

I had to vector four new old bags for this piece and the addition to the nutshell. Damn you, Granny Smith!

New to this season's nutshell are isolations of each new addition that I'll upload as separate pieces, so at least there will be some activity as the nutshell builds on my tumblr and on derpibooru.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.
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Instead of golden girls
Golden mares
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Then their hips let go.


Lovely work
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They better be careful, pegasi may think they are doing a mating dance with all of those feathers. Then again that may not be to far off.
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Man do I wish this was in the episode >.>
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I'm wondering when you'll draw your take on Trixie and Jackpot meeting up. It's on popular trend. May as well do it.
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Looks like Apple Sassy is still bugged at Dash for the Horse Shoe toss game.
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Now this is burlesque!
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I feel your pain!  Grannies are the worst!
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I'm not sure what fancies RD to be in the show.
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