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Nothing Personal, Just Science.

"This won't hurt a bit."

Although I didn't intend for it to be so dark! HONEST!
Oh, and probably spoilers. But I guess I took it so far out of context. It's like I'm getting crazier as the days go by without me watching Rainbow Rocks*. But I have a theory. If you don't want your headcanons warped, I'd suggest you stop here.

Magic could be useful if its powers were harnessed. Don't you think?

*artpiece and description created before Rainbow Rocks was released on Digital. I have seen the movie at this time.

EDITS/BASES ARE NOT AUTHORISED. Please do not modify my work in any way.
"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", "Equestria Girls", "Rainbow Rocks" & Original Characters © Hasbro

The Internet spoiled Science Twilight (SciTwi) for me, but I didn't know she appeared in that hidden scene. It did get me thinking. What if SciTwi becomes the antagonist in the third Equestria Girls movie? Like she's on to the strange events of Canterlot High, and if SciTwi shares certain traits with our Twilight, she's gonna want to find out more... She's evil, I tell you. Evil.

Addendum: I would say that SciTwi is not related to Twilight in any way. Like Jet Li in "The One", SciTwi is the Twilight of the Mirror World. Another dimension, another universe.
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How will it end badly or goodly
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Sci-Twi: *Flips the switch*

Pony Twi: *feels all the magic draining out through her horn*

Sci-Twi: *pushes a few buttons, sending Pony Twi's magic into a pendant*

Pony Twi: *Tries furiously to keep her eyes open*

Sci-Twi: *Narrows her eyes. She had expected it to be over already*

Pony Twi: *shrieks in agony as her cutie mark pulls off her hip*

Sci-Twi: *her eyes widen* "No, NO! This isn't what was supposed to happen!!"

Pony-Twi: *keeps shrieking as her cutie mark swirls and morphs*

Sci-Twi: *Frantically pushes buttons and switches*

Twi's Cutie mark: *Creates a blinding light, and everything goes dark for Sci-twi*

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Twilight: please don't hurt me

Sci-Twilight: it's not gonna hurt

Twilight: it's going to hurt

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Sonic The Hedgehog (bursts into the room) : Let her go Eggface!

sci-Twi: Wait?! Who are you?!

Sonic: Sorry not telling ya, but lights out pal!!!

Sonic knocks Sci-Twi out with a strong punch. Then Sonic deactivates the restaints that had pony Twilight on and catches her just in time who was about to fall to the ground.

Sonic: Don't worry I got ya.

Pony-Twilight: Thank you.

Sonic put Twi up in his arms bridle style and races out of the room with his royal cargo in tow.
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Suddenly something light blue bursts into the room through the door creating a gale of wind when the human Twilight opened her eyes she saw a certain 15 year old high speed blue hedgehog with a cocky grin on his face and said, "Mind if I crash the party?"
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The bright light wakes her up. Twilight tries to blink away the blur in her vision, and groans at the painful buzzing in her ears. Most of her hurts, actually; it's like she'd been torn open and her internal organs messed with. Her eyes finally clear, and she looks around. “Oh, right.” Everything starts to come back to her as she sees the straps holding her forelegs to the wall. Her head is held in place by a metal tube clamped around her horn, and a tug on her hind legs confirms that they are still bound, as well. She shifts her gaze downward as far as she can, and notes the long series of stitches going down her stomach, little beads of blood dotting her fur here and there.

Then a sharp click echoes through the room, and the restraints unfasten themselves one by one. Twilight falls to the ground and stumbles. She's caught by a soft arm reaching out from the side, and turns to see a human who looks much like herself, except she's wearing glasses. And is a biped.

Twilight the human says, “You feeling okay?”

Twilight the pony thinks a moment, then smiles. “It's not too bad. But we only have half the data for our comparative anatomy dissertation; now it's your turn.”

-Does this sound more or less insane than the more obvious interpretation?
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This sums up what we would do to ponies if they come to our world
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What is this, the fanfic "Downfall"?
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Congrulations ! You are right about The third movie :clap:
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revisiting. and yay! I was right!
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                                                                                               :nod: :clap: :D :D :D !! CONGRULATİONS !! :D :D :D :clap: :nod:
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Why ? The main enemy will be HumanTwilight & it did feature HumanShimmer :B
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but not the direct antagonist.
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If HumanTwilight isn't The main enemy who Is ?

I mean the other school seems like a mediocre enemy
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im just saying that's all.
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I know :)

I mean who is main enemy ?
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I don't know, to me SciTwi seems more like a socially awkward geek that has just been put in an equally awkward situation -- at least that's what I got from the trailer to the new movie.
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How would've known that Twilight would do this to Twilight O_o
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eh she'll live. probably.
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This looks like a scene from an SCP Foundation tale.
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