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Not Quite As Equal

"We're all equal here."

Hey, great season opener, eh? Here's a quick Starlight Glimmer, and well, Pinkie is suspicious.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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Pinkie Pie's got good instincts, she figured out that something was up with the village and with Starlight from the start. 
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Ugh, not Starlight Glimmer. The pony I hate so much...
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I think Pinkie was more suspicious because she could sense that the smiles of the ponies were not real. She could also sense that they were scared and under a lot of stress. As the element of laughter she's sensitive to those things.
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"Since Starlight Glimmer was evil, we've decided to switch to a darwinistic hyper competitive society." 
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Doomguy: I'll tell you were my cutie mark is if you ask!
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It's almost like that plot, as in an actual plot and not those "plots" we all watch the show for, was aimed towards us all. We try to make review scores exactly the same and force opinions down everyone elses' through until there could only be one.

Well played Meghan McCarthy. Well played.
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Huh, haven't seen the episode yet, but already sounds interesting.
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I don't like it, don't like it one bit. ~Pinkie
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Yeah, I'm with Pinkie. That mare is bad news.
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She looks like one of the Rainbow Rocks ponies... I already feel like I'm gonna hate the season premiere when I get it. >_>
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wat season is this again??
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Pinkie Pie is on the case. As her first act, she will eat a dozen muffins. As her final act, she'll die of food poisoning.

...Yeah, her friends threw Pinkie under the bus on that one.
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Take it from experience, anyone who proclaims utopia built on an abstract ideal should be automatically suspected of folly and foul play. 
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Aye. If someone claims their pet ideology will INHERENTLY AND INEVITABLY create a perfect society, they are NOT to be trusted.

Making a BETTER world than the one we have now? That's worth striving for.

But spouting that one's worldview is THE answer to all ills...because of nebulous reasons? If you hear that, then you either laugh...or RUN.
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That's due to mass media cynicism. 
BrutalityInc's avatar
Nope. History had already shown every ideology, movement, philosophy and you-know-what in the near or distant past failing to achieve a better world, due to human nature or circumstances beyond anyone's control. In every single instance, they either fall short and make little difference in the world, or becomes perverted/distorted into something worse by others into something that caused unimaginable misery.
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We are going to have to agree to disagree. 
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I mean in fiction, we've been conditioned that something too good to be true is automatically. 
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Well, given how often it's turned out that way in real life; such sentiments are going to carry over.

And anyway, perfection in fiction DOES carry the curse of Mary Sue-ness...
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