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Not Funny, Spike

"Look, it's Guylight Sparkle and Shining Amoré. Heh-heh, heh..."
"That's the last time I let you read a book by Trixie, Spike."

Happy April Foals Day! Figuring out how to girl Shining Armor up was really fun. I know he's not an alicorn, but making him just an oversized girl pony felt average. Nice gams, Shining Armor.

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At least Spike has a suitable nickname for Twilight now.
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And as punishment they turn him into barb for a few weeks
No offense, but nearly everyone here prefers Dusk Shine.
Candycanecrafts's avatar
Shining armour makes for a very pretty girlmare actually! haha XD
A reference to the fact that Twilight is technically Spike's 'female father'.
Mickeymouseisgay's avatar
And then cadence shows up
ZalgoBrutalight's avatar
heh heh heh i like my bro WHEN HES INSANE :3
AF20cartoons's avatar
Xemnas-sama's avatar
Trixie's books, trolling mares and stallions since 2010. XD
Fighterpilot555's avatar
Has anybody told you that your art style is just plain adorable?
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
Oh my, all the Stallions will hit on her.
SeriousJupiter's avatar
Hahaha, SA's hairstyle looks surprisingly good on a mare.
coolclaytony's avatar
Guylight just looks like normal twilight with a weird head.
SirRage's avatar
Very nice work there =)
DalroththeWarlock's avatar
I wonder how Cadence would react to this?
jbeach3469's avatar
Either she'd convert to being a lesbian or, more likely, she'd fall for Twilight. Watching either would be pretty damn funny.
DalroththeWarlock's avatar
Probably, though I would think the former more than the latter considering who she's married to.
jbeach3469's avatar
You have to remember, though, that part of the reason Cadance married Shining Armor was to have Twilight as a sister-in-law (ironic considering how despised in laws are irl). For that reason, I feel like the latter would be more likely happen, but the former is always a possibility. 
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