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Nopony Expects The Pinkuisition!

I knew it. Blah! This is too much for a span of two episodes!

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It would have been worse if if ended up in the Foal Free Press. Either way, you had one job Pinkie, one job. Cadance Annoyed Pinkie Pie EyeFlutter

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My gosh! Cadence is eating a Hayburger!
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Oh, Pinkie, seems like almost everything is big news to you. 
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One thing I don't understand about this episode at all; if Shiny and Cadence wanted their pregnancy to be a surprise, why did they feel they needed to let at least one pony know about it? And why Pinkie Pie? 😐
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Nnghhh.. love Cadence's face!!!! *heartplosion*
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is it me or is the mayor doing...
the AJ face..

yeah i had to :P
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Pinkie: What...? Shining and Cadence already told Twilight!
Me: (facepalms) That's not the point!!
Pinkie: Then what IS the point?
Me: (sighs)
Pinkie: That's not an answer!
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Go home Spain! Your drunk! XD
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This gives me another idea, Ever wonder what would happen if a Princess ate nothing but hayburgers for a month?

Twilight Sparkle stars in Maximize Me! And it shows Twilight with a Hayburger and fries in her mouth like Morgan Spurlock.   
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MMmmm... buns in the oven. </Homer Simpson>
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Go ahead, Cadance. Stuff that face. We already know what you're trying to hide.
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oh man just wait tell the mood swings start to kick in i can just see it candance yelling on how fat she is or yelling at shining on how he was the cause of everything or on how shes gonna rip him a knew one and such plus i can already tell by that image shes gonna have alot i mean ALOT of craving hopfully none distuging ones you now the tempicole pregant women eating combine foods like ice cream with pickles or cookies with mayo
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and i thought that ponyville confidential was a bit stalky XD
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Are you kidding?! This makes the Ponyville Confidental look like a comic book!
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and not the fun sort of comics that Spike would read
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That's how I eat. XD
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Monty Python would be SO proud! :D
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Twilight Sparkles Family by Vector-Brony  
And the Sparkle family gets a new member(s).
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AAAWWW YEAH I can't wait 4 the new family member. XD
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I wonder if this whole saga is just a plan for Tia to build up the Equine show of Power against their known foes?
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Looks like someone couldn't keep it to themselves for those who have to wait a day to watch the new episodes... lol
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