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My Royal Duty

By dm29
"Oh, you."

Downplay your title all you want, Twilight. We know you get a kick out of hearing the word "Princess". She's been through a whole lot, she deserves it.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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His Royal Duty is to Protect Her Royal Booty
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so when they get married, which house are they gonna live in? i mean, if a library survives a fire, you would think you can rebuild it and still live there. why need a damn castle that doesn't even have rainbows on it (yet it has rainbow in the name)?!?! (do i sound like avgn? if yes, please hit the spy alert button)
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umm i think flash is looking some where just a bit over the book :P
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the fedora is strong in this one.
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Screw fedoras Top Hats FTW XD
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I think the reason why some people hate flash is because they can pair up there stallion/mare with her anymore, I think they are a adorable pair =3 
and this is such a cute pic ^w^ 
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Her eyes are saying one thing : ,, Oh you stop it , come on , continue . ''
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some people hating on him, I think they are cute together
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I agree they are a cute couple
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i am with you on that.
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Hey...Why is he wearing Cadence's shoes? O.O
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:iconflashxtwilightplz: hey i found that fool
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Oh I know I looked on all the flashlight imagions and he was there
Deadmine135's avatar
well i am glad you know
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