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My Husband Is So Metal

"Cadance, please. I'm working."

It's embarrassing being married to the princess of love. She finds the weak spots of Royal Guard armour. Eyes front, soldier.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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That is funny XD  and cuteAww Revamp-Kinda 
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That other Guard is like

God damn, that stallion is lucky
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the other one is like
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"Now, if you'll excuse me sergeant, I need to take the Captain back to our quarters and peel him out of that armour."
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Toooo adorable!
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Shining Armor can't keep his eyes off her XD 
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Well he's wearing metal
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AAAWWWWW that is so cute!
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:iconrpsniperplz::that going to be piss a piss
:iconredspyplz:: oh please
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I AGREE! My favourite stallion is Shining Armor and my favourite mare is Twilight Sparkle. I hope they make an episode where it's Shining Armor's birthday XD. MORE SHININGDANCE EPISODESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
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Finally, somepony agrees with me! :w00t: revamp of sorts 
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I mean, you're the few who actually said somethiing good about Shining.
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Yeah, ruling the Crystal Empire takes up all his time.
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Yeah. Paperwork is hard work!
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