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My Fair Cadance: An Illustrated Fan-Story

By dm29
It's finally ready! Watch Shining Armor take the beautiful Princess Cadance out on a date in this 18-page, fully-illustrated comic-style story!

This is my first major-length story, which at 18-pages may not seem like much, but it took a bit of time to do and I put in everything I love about Shining Armor and Princess Cadance in a story I hope you guys will enjoy. I hope you guys can give me feedback on it as it comes. I currently have no plans to start another illustrated short story.

"My Fair Cadance: Shining Armor has finally plucked up the courage to ask Princess Cadance out on a date! Will Shining Armor win the heart of the lovely Princess Cadance? Join them on this full-colour, fully illustrated short story to see how it turns out!"

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Standalone artwork for the above (spread the word!):  
 My Fair Cadance - Promo by dm29 

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hell-o-softie's avatar
.. damn..
i cannot get this. ;-;
supersherman1015's avatar
How much DA points do you have?
hell-o-softie's avatar
aah, just one point atm sdfs im really surprised that got answered and i feel flushed over having whined about it years back, gosh
supersherman1015's avatar
Do you got pay pal and how mush do you got?
hell-o-softie's avatar
ahh, no, i dont have paypal sorry;; i mean i might eventually get it sometime soon, so if i do i'll be sure to come back to this but
TheDodgerBrony's avatar
I give this story five stars!! One of the best MLP shippings in history!!
megasxlr88's avatar
YAY! My purchase went through! All i have to say is EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!! EVERYTHING!!!! SO ADORABLE!!!!!! This is awsome!!!!!!
megasxlr88's avatar
I can't seem to purchase. Is there something wrong with the server? This looks so adorable! I NEEEEED IT! Plus I had some spare points from my last commission so this was perfect!!!!
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MoonbeamSparkle's avatar
Ugh, now i hope its 100 points >:@
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GraphicHead's avatar
It's funny, the title made me think this was about Cadence being taught, with difficulty, how to be a princess. You know, like in My Fair Lady, where the heroine is learning to be more ladylike? I would suggest this be actually written, but the comics may or may not have done it, already.
dm29's avatar
Well, the description is written there for that, and it is a play on My Fair Lady, only that "Fair" here refers to, well, the fair.
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Blossomlove200's avatar
You should put this comic on deviantart as deviations! c:
SuperSonicHeroes2's avatar
I have no idea how to get points, and I don't know if I want them if I need to pay for them.  What's a free way to get points?
Im-a-pegasus's avatar
You could also make adoptables!
PumpkinPieCrazy's avatar
Enter a contest, put up a donation center, etc.
OpalescentArtist's avatar
I finally read it, it's so adorable! I especially liked the ending :3
PROTOTYPE223's avatar
Will it ever be a free version?
OpalescentArtist's avatar
There was a free version last COmmic Books Day c:
PonyUniverse's avatar
I want this, but I only have 46 points! XD I need to start drawing adoptables and setting up more commissions XD!
ALSO. I think I know what that title is a reference to!! *is hopeful*
allanah's avatar
I love your work. I run a teen Cadance tumblr. You should come by. My Twily is kind of a brat though. Hehe. I'm always glad to see these three wonderful characters so well represented through your cute art. 
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