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Much Better Now

"Feel better, cheeseball."
"Already am."

It's a princess' job to tend to those under her rule... or under her... something like that.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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I wouldn't mind breaking every bone in my body if I had Twilight as a nurse tending to me with her loving nature and making love to me!!! I'd also love her back, only fair!!! Love this!!! How did Flash get hurt anyway?
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How did you type that lenny?
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I don't understand something.  Are you done with the new style?
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Oh my... Doomguy will be angry!
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Did Flash got a hair... err, manecut?
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Flash's gettin' some big time TLC. :)
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The best medicine.
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Having your beloved mare right above you? Hell yeah! XD
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Aww, that's so adorable!
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:iconlawlsplz:-I think Flash took a dive to gain this moment,I would,Heh heh.
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flash smiled as twi nuzzled next to him "i love you flashy" she giggled. he smiled "i love you too twilight" as he nuzzled her back. "but if you ever look at another mare. I'll snap your neck rather then your leg" she smiled  leaving flash terrified. he knew twi was adorable but also seriously friggin crazy.
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OMG!  Not a single "shoot the horse" joke.  Well, don't worry.  I will straighten this out.  *AHEM*

Twi - Oh Flash!  Why?  Why did you have to brake your leg?
Flash - Oh don't worry.  It's not that bad.  I am sure I will be back up on my hooves in no time.
Twi - No! You don't understand.  You forgot the law.  Shining told me all about it.
Flash - Law!  What law?
Twi - Shhhhh!  Don't speak!  Lets enjoy our final moments before Farmer Brown gets here with his gun.
Flash - Farmer Brown?  GUN!  Wait... what?

And thus how Shining gets rid of all the Stallions he deems not worthy of his sister.  Which is all of them.

Also... watch "Good Intentions Gone Wrong" to get the joke.  ;P…  - The voices are great.  Especially Pinkie!  :D
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Heheh. Cheeseball. I wanna use that now.
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Only you can make this ship sail.
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