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Alchohol! Creator of FanShips since Celestia!
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*slow blink* ...Boooo.
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:iconbrunomarsplz: Mooooonshine, take us to the stars tonight. Take us to your special place. The place we went the last time. The last time.
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Moondancer: Sho why do you make thish shtuff?

Twinkle Shine(?): Helps me forget Twilight. *HIC*
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Oh, I get it now.


Now kiss. :D
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Moonshine, Moonshine!
AA Sponsors awake!
Clop your hooves
And do a little...<bleuarghhh>
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Thoses pones are drunk like meh ! *burps*
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Okay, they need to stop with the booze.
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Then sex happens!
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I see Phil Cassidy is back in business.
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*The faint sound of crickets chirping echoes in the room*
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Oh I get it. These two have had one too many.
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They didn't invite Berry Punch...
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Dacin' on the moon with Moon *hic* dancer and *hic* ol' Moonbutt!
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Moonshine, your drunk go home!
So Moondancer went back to copying Twilight's mane?
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Hm? I don't get it. Is this a public service announcement? Are you saying I should stop drinking? Don't judge me!
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