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Mmm, Chocolate

"Dearest sister, the royal kitchen has simply outdone themselves. I must savour this glorious confection slowly. Mmmmmmm..."

A typical comment that will be made for this goes along the lines of "watch it there, Luna. Or Celestia could expel you to a place with no cake whatsoever". I love Luna's expression, a mix of joy and teasing. Carrots are good for you, princess.

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Hi i have a question what kind of cake flavor is princess luna eating :-?

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If you want to eat something healthy, try some fruits instead.
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they're eternal deities. They should be able to eat whatever they want and not care.
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is that dark chocolate?
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The REAL reason Luna was banished to the moon.
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LUNA you opened my heart! When I look at you I'll think of PS4s and chocolate cake and I love you for that! Unlike some ponies who decide to go for the healthy option like crappy carrots! CELESTIA WHY CANT YOU BE MORE FUN LIKE YOUR SISTER!!!!!
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She should look on the bright side, carrots are a hell of a lot healthier than a slice of cake.
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awww Cellie:love:  looks so...sad:( awwwwwwww now I know why they say not eat sweets/chocolate before you sleep, it will give you nightMAREs!

or, yes ikr.... Cellie her ears... and the testing testing 1,2,3 episode...BUNNY-EARS!LOL!!!!!
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estoy contigo luna, chocolate, mmmm :3
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Reminds me of that scene in Miss Congeniality.  Anyone else?
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Carrots? Boo!

The queen's potassium levels require nourishment!
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I like this!  :+fav:
By any chance, is this a result from that comic by Destikim where Luna catches Celestia sleeping on the job and loses her dessert for one month to keep Luna's mouth shut?  XD…
Talking about rubbing it in
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:icontrollunaplz: :iconsays3plz: So how goes the diet, sister? MMMMMM! This is GOOD!

:iconangrycelestia2plz: :iconsays3plz: LUNAAAA, get that cake out of my face, or I'll stick that fork where the sun don't shine!

:icontrollunaplz: :iconsays3plz: You mean where the MOON don't shine, right, sister?

:iconangrycelestia2plz: :iconsays3plz: GET OUT!

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Luna can be such a troll! :D
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Never does the wrath of the Moon sting so much as during the royal diet.  Revenge has never been sweeter... though by the looks of things that cake certainly can compete. 

A nicely done little brightener to my day.  Though, I am craving some very much unavailable chocolate cake now...
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Princess Luna as diet-buddy: FAIL
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