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MandoPony's Valentine Mishap

"I hope whatever MandoPony has planned for TheRealSibsy is more successful than this."

A piece for me friend, Christian, and for Sibsy and MandoPony, I guess.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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I think this particular target requires a flaming arrow...
D-Rock92's avatar
Not sure that's how Cupid works, Mando.
karkovice1's avatar
Mando: OOPS! Hehheh. Let me try that again.

Sibsy: You've already tried ENOUGH, Mando!
ArcCahlon's avatar
she's gonna grab those arrows and bow and cram them where the sun don't shine

in the basement closet next to the washing machine
Setakarn's avatar
Man, i miss when Mando did pony stuff...

Great work!
Chiyawa's avatar
Mando, get a real cupids' arrow. Nerf Rebelle arrows won't work.
rautamiekka's avatar
Not sure if the user of the bow is useless, or the arrows are.
Chiyawa's avatar
Rebelle has good concept design, but lousy application.
Tiger-Hawk's avatar
His aiming needs some work.
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Malpractice needs more practice.
Mariachiman's avatar
I thought htey had broken up 3 years ago
Stuntpony's avatar
Did they? Huh, never really paid attention. Have any links to them braking up?
Mariachiman's avatar
Nevermind, they are still married

Which is kind of worse
DrX-Raven's avatar
(OoC: Congratulations. You've won a stupid award)
Mariachiman's avatar
Many people agree tha marriage is a fate worse than death
DrX-Raven's avatar
(OoC: Well..... Yeah)
TheDoubleDeuced's avatar
Wonder why it's so hard for him to hit that.
arrow related incident...
great picture!
ShannaImprov's avatar
Hmmm...your aiming needs work!
EmerWarriorDeer's avatar
Sibsy's like "What the hay are you doing?" or something :lmao:
templar127's avatar
Ya tried Mando! Ya tried! X3
Quinstiff's avatar
Lol! Need to work on that aim, right? =P

Happy Belated Valentine's Day, my friend! Hatsune Miku-02 (Winks) 
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