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Made It Just For You

By dm29
"I got inspired during my trip to Manehattan. I hope you'll like it."

HEY LOOK. I CAN HAVE SOME RARIJACK. Look at the silly girl horses who are worlds apart.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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© 2015 - 2021 dm29
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Aww.  Inn't dat cute?  Plus, Rarity made something AJ would consider functional this time, so I think she'll wear it more often.

I think it'd be funny if Rarity started wearing a hats more often.  After a while, the hats should get bigger and Rarity should start butting in front of AJ and wagging her head ever so slightly.  Rarity never says anything directly, but AJ knows what's going on.
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So much yes! ^_^
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Is this a Port... I see a ship! The Necessary Homo has arrived!
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Heheh, sweet.
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I don't ship, but I like the bond of friendship they share despite their differences.
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Ship or not, there went my heart. Again. Darn it, Julian. :P
Rarijack is wrong ship it AppleShy now get it right (Just kidding. Silly Brian)
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How warm and sweet XD
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More Rarijack please! :D
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my children
my sweet gay horse children
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I like this \^3^/
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Awwww, I think that's very sweet. ^_^
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Rarity is so charming.
I like this pic. I don't "ship" them in a romantic sense, but I like their friendship. The fact that they are so different is why I think their friendship is so cute. They may butt heads about stuff, but in the end they are still close.
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I think that same thing can be said about the bonds with the rest of the cast. Each of them has many different personalities, yet they seem to work off each other very well, like friends often do.
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That's mighty sweet.
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<heavy breathing>
Yes. Yes! This is good. Now, closer for a kiss...
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