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MLPFIM: The 10th Anneighversary

By dm29
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I didn't catch the show the day it premiered, that was in May 2011. And drawing horsies didn't start until December that year. For many of us, the show was such a life-changer, because I got to know so many of you.

Celebrating 10 years of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Posters and prints available on my RedBubble.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.
"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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A lot of good memories of this show.

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Lovely tribute. It's been 10 years... Wow!

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A lovely tribute. Happy 10th to you, too. :)

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Me canta my little pone jejeje

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I've always loved your FiM work; in many ways, it seems very close to the canon art style! And this is a perfect way to give tribute to a show that surprised us all with how good it was!

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10 years is a beautiful time, still loving the ponies.

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I love the image, specially due to your style. It's too similar to the show's one, yet different enough to know it's yours. It gives me some sort of happiness and inner peace I fond hard to explain.

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Well, even though it ended, there's still Pony Life coming up soon.

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If anyone told me I would be find this show interesting enough to watch through the first season during the summer of 2011, I'd have called them crazy. But I don't regret anything at all, and I'd happily do it again. Pony helped me make friends, get through college, while I was finding work and so much more. So thank you for everything, My Little Ponies.Fireworks

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TO ANOTHER 10 YEARS!!!!🍾🥂🤩🤩🤩🥂🍾
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What a ride it's been!

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Took me a while to be in the show. Seen some of it arround 2011, but did not became fully invested until 2012, arruond mid season 2.

Man is this one of the most influencial shows i know,a nd it is good to recall the good, the bad, the bit of both.

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Even I started being a brony at 2011. Today feels very nostalgic! 10 years of pastel-colored horses!

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That's right. I forgot that Friendship Is Magic debuted 10 years ago today. Huh, and to think I joined the herd in November of 2012. 10 years already. Geez.

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And now I feel bad for not doing anything special for the day. God this show was such a special one!

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I'm guilty too, not catching it the day it premiered. Then again, if you told me years ago, I would be interested in a show with talking ponies, I would have said you were out of your mind. Thankfully, I jumped on when I did later on. This show...I'm glad I was wrong in my original thoughts. Also, that I'm proud, very proud to be a fan.

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I just joined last year

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I feel the great tears in me ^^ QuQ
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Has it been 10 years already? Wow, it seems like the first episode was just premiered yesterday. We are so old now.

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Who‘s ready to celebrate? I’ll get the party cannon

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I found the show in Spring 2012 and was hooked pretty quickly. Followed the series to the end.

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You started sooner than I did; I didn't actually start watching until February 2012.

Though I had been aware of the show since Spring 2011.

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