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MLP Season 8 In A Nutshell - Complete
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Published: October 13, 2018
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Who'd've thought that twerp would turn out to be evil. Wow. You think you know a filly.
Thus, Season Eight comes to a close. GOOD RIDDANCE. This season had more leaks than an onion farm!

And all those new creature types! Yak, Hippogriff, Changeling, Kirin… Do you know how long that takes!?

Things to note/not write me about: I couldn't cram each and every reference, for I do not have a strong will. And as usual, I won't be doing those of the previous seasons before 5. And now, the cheatsheet.

The References, officially:

1 & 2. The School of Friendship, Chancellor Neighsay, Photo Finish, Smolder, Yona
3. Cardboard Maud Pie, Pinkie Pie, Mudbriar, Geode of Epiphany
4. Multiple Personality Fluttershy, Sandbar
5. Las Pegasus Showmares Granny Smith, Apple Rose, Auntie Applesauce and Goldie Delicious
6. Silversteam, Terramar and Seapony Scootaloo
7. Princess Celestia, Trixie Fireworks, Marshmallow Sun, Celestia Fluttershy, Playwright Twilight Sparkle and Director Spike
8. Gallus, Goth Starlight Glimmer, Sunburst, Stellar Flare and Firelight
9. Teachers of the Month Rainbow Dash and Applejack
10. Wailing Big McIntosh, Sugar Belle, Sweetie Belle and Delivery Mare Derpy Hooves
11. Winged Spike, Director Ocellus
12. Cozy Glow, Honorary Friendship Graduate Apple Bloom. Empathy Cocoa.
13. Queen Chrysalis as Shutterbug
14. Yovidaphone Yona, Steve Buscemi Discord
15. Gakked Gallus, Sandbar on Mop
16. Twilight Sparkle as Eyepatch, Plainity Rarity, Friendship U Flim & Flam
17. Azurantium trial (this was a pretty uneventful episode)
18. Yovidaphone Yona
19. Dishevelled Trixie and her caravan
20. Wonderbolt Spitfire lectures Washout Lightning Dust THROUGH A STRAW
21. Naval Rockhoof
22. Princess Smolder, Tree of Harmony Twilight Sparkle
23. Autumn Blaze THE BEST KIRIN
24. Deadbeat Dad Sludge
25 & 26. Tirek and Cozy Glow. Cymbal Monkey Pinkie Pie

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.
"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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victorfazbear|Student Digital Artist
season 9 is coming soon so make it in a nutshell
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CupcakesForLife's avatar
I wonder why he decided not to make one for the final season?
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victorfazbear's avatar
victorfazbear|Student Digital Artist
idk but will wait
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LivingLivi13's avatar
LivingLivi13|Student Digital Artist
Applebloom represents my life rn
Reply  ·  
momo-malt-gern's avatar
momo-malt-gern|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is it just me or is Autumn Blaze the only one in this picture, who seems to be normal? xD
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dksponge13's avatar
dksponge13|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This was a crazy season, no doubt.
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PurpleAmesty's avatar
PurpleAmesty|Hobbyist Photographer
This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen <3
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FlareEmerald77's avatar
FlareEmerald77|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Applebloom is like “I hate everyone”XD
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PurpleAmesty's avatar
PurpleAmesty|Hobbyist Photographer
I see.
The best thing MLP created was GlimGlam
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cajobif's avatar
So beautiful....

Wonderful work
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SuperMarioFan's avatar
Maybe some of you haters need to lay off. Literally NO ONE gives a damn if you think the student six are an annoying waste of time and/or that season 8 is a dumpster fire. :roll: Those of us real fans that stuck with it know that they actually developed to at least some extent as of the second half of the season, especially episodes like The Hearth's Warming Club and What Lies Beneath, and the Autumn Blaze is one of the most unique characters to come from the show! Y'all haters just don't want to see past your bias! Excellent artwork, by the way! Love it! Looks like it could be an official poster! :D
Reply  ·  
hello945's avatar
Can anyone answer me if they can ok so there is this my little pony episode going on it doesn't tell you what it's based off of it's new it's a hour long and it's called the gift...what is this episode?
Reply  ·  
christuan123's avatar
A Christmas special *best gift ever* is the name of the special
Reply  ·  
hello945's avatar
I just watched it....and wow they weren't lying when they said "best gift ever"
Reply  ·  
InoRose19's avatar
This show is still on?
Reply  ·  
tf-regal's avatar
Yep, for at least one more season.
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GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
Wow the way you have Sludge and Neighsay looks a bit naughty 
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DallasBlack's avatar
Always enjoy your end of season collages!!!!! 
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OddEyesDragoon's avatar
Glorious Pony, primordial chaos. :XD:
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GruntBoy's avatar
GruntBoy|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wait, did they send that little girl to hell? I know she was on the verge of global destruction but, sent to HELL? that's messed up.
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rainbowdashfanwhite2|Hobbyist Filmographer
big mac lol XD
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Soifon101|Hobbyist General Artist
You spelled "Silverstream" wrong. Just pointing it out.
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PurpleWonderPower's avatar
Nice. This definitely sums up Season 8's awfulness. Love Discord and Rarity and Flim & Flam on top of the School. And Chancellor Neighsay. He definitely deserves a hit on the head with a book. A lot of books.
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