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MLP Season 5 In A Nutshell - Complete



Those of you on my tumblr and on derpibooru will probably figure that this was too dumb and repetitive to post on my DeviantArt until now. It is complete. Weeks of updates and changes. And finally, with the season over, the deed is done.

Watch it grow:…

The References, officially:
1-2. Twilight Didn't Listen, Staff of Sameness, Equality Mark in a Jar
3. Pancake, Fancy Manedo
4. Twittermites, Extermination Equipment
5. Winter, Distraught Rainbow Dash
6. Young Trouble Shoes, Braeburn Haystack Expression
7. Discord Espionage Box, Remnants of The Smooze with Hat and Bow
8. Widdle Gilda
9. Background pony overload
10. Princess Spike
11. Pinkie Pie's sled back to Ponyville
12. Moondancer's sweater and glasses, Canterlot Five
13. Giant Dream World Derpy, Conjoined Lyra and Bon Bon
14. Princess Dress Spike
15. Investigator Rarity
16. Coco Pommel, Friendship Problem Solvers sign
17. Big Mare-kintosh
18. Cutie Marked Crusaders
19. Shining Armor and Princess Cadance
20. A Pie Sisters Hearth's Warming
21. Giant Halloween Derpy, Athena Outfit, Stuffed Spike, Utena Cardboard Buddy
22. Marty McPie, BTTF Reference, Peanut Butter Feet Discord
23. Bag-heavy Fluttershy
24. Applejack and RaRa
25-26. Reformed Crystal Starlight Glimmer

High-resolution version in premium content if you so desire.

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