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Look Over There!

When you have to kiss the wife, but you're on duty.

Also that Canterlot doesn't stand a chance when it comes to an invasion. Not with those knuckleheads.

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Princesses Celestia and Luna should really revitalize the military. The only standing force seen in the show proper is the Guard, and come on, they can't do squat.
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That's awesome :D Also, you're so right on Canterlot not standing a chance. Still, this is really adorable :)
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Works every time 
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This is an awesome pic :)
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ha, stupid guards
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This remembers me of kissing games where you gotta kiss when no one looks.
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:iconshiningarmorplz: :iconsaysplz: look its celestias flank
:iconmalis22::iconsaysplz: I regret nothing
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Celestia: To be fair, it's always been fairly large.
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Don't stand there gawking!  Like you've never seen the Captain kissing his wife before!
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:icontrollfaceplz::iconsaysplz:HA HA!Made-st thou look.
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Lol, a diversion in order for him to get a kiss from Cadance. :)
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He shouldn't have to do that! He's co-ruler of a kingdom for crying out loud!
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Trollin shiny lol
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Sappy Shining is sappy! XD
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Phew Phew!, Shining almost blew my invisibility spell. Ain't nopony gonna catch me stealin the goods
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Haha, so cute and funny
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