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Lollipop Chainsaw Mare-ssacre I

Twilight Sparkle as Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw, both voiced, of course, by Tara Strong.

Keeping in the spirit of the TV series, I thought to make it kid-safe. So no severed head of boyfriend here. Smartypants will suffice.

:star: As tweeted by Tara Strong [link] with the support of Bronies like You. All of you. You've made this piece very special. Thank you all.

23/9 - It inspired a plush! That's so cool! [link]

Lollipop Chainsaw flowing into stores from today!

Lollipop Chainsaw Mare-ssacre:
Two [link]
Three [link]

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro. Character Likenesses © Kadokawa Games/WB
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It's actually "Smarty Pants"
pookiesaurus4's avatar
Not sure if I'd call a chainsaw "kid safe'
pookiesaurus4's avatar
She's so cute! :3
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Miyuki Sawashiro also voices Twilight so yeah, it's cool!
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you think I care if she had a weapon.
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Nothing more sexy than a pretty girl with a chainsaw... ;-)
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All I heard was Twilight in the game. At one point I totally forgot I was playing as Juliet and began thinking I was playing as Twilight in human form.
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i think dpikes head would be moar suitable
GambitPrix's avatar
I think Flash Sentry's head would be on her belt :XD:
RockinT765's avatar
I love both Lollipop Chainsaw and MLPFIM! It's the best of both worlds! It reminds me of this video:…
nickyv917's avatar
May I use this image in an MLP cover of Lollipop Chainsaw? I'll give you credit.
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makes more sense to use Smartypants......a little gift from Cadence turned good luck charm.
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Juliet Sparkle for the win my friend. I have the game but have not played it yet, I think I will this weekend. :3
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Her boy friend head is Smarty Pants.
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brothers gonna like this xD
his Favorite Pony
his Favorite game
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So, this crossover finally happened, eh? Time to troll! [link]

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Well she is the voice of the main character in the game I think her name is Tara Strong
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Yeah I think she also did the voice of Harley Quinn in the games and the tv show
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