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Lockeroom Confidential

Rainbow Dash is having trouble getting her flightsuit off again. What a newbie.

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"hey soarin" she said in an attempting sexiness voice, "my flightsuit's a little tight, could ya help me get it off?" *soarin gets massive wingboner* lol
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SoarinDash canon proof icon IT'S CANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for me :3 
MLPlover54231's avatar
No it isn't. They barly even talked.
CrystalPastelKitty's avatar
If only..... It's a dream only we can wish for. XD
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These newbies are always finding some way, aren't they?
Fuzzette's avatar
Wooohh!! this is a great work!! xD
Good idea, Dash! <3
wilnet1tractor's avatar
She did that for attention. XD
Razthor's avatar
Take the fucking BAIT ALREADY IDIOT!
ArcCahlon's avatar
dash bad girl he's a married stallion, sure being married to an apple pie is weird but it's his choice.
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That moment when you relized you walked into the wrong locker room
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Like me... Really I am!
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If those walls could talk... lol, gotta looove the Wonderbolts coed lockeroom and Dash trying to seduce Soarin while in there XDDD

I'll probably never get over the fact that those were things in the actual show, so much fuel for fanart and fanfiction XDDD
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"This suit is so tight on my body. Would you help me take it off Soarin' ?"
CarmenTheArtist55's avatar
To cute for school
(To cool for school)

Who else ships it like fed ex

P.S. why does it always gotta be Fed ex? Lol anyways this is adorable I luv it :3
Project-42X's avatar
Ship it like Courier 

.....yeah sticking with FedEx =P
Setakarn's avatar
Little did they know, the Featherweight was hiding in a locker taking pictures...
CarmenTheArtist55's avatar
Lol so true they had NO clue
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