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Little Pumpkin

The artpiece originally planned for today will be delayed until I get things right. For now, it's just a couple more days until Halloween.

I want you to imagine the best, cutest voice for Twily there.

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How did Twilght get in there?

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1.Adorable as cuss. 2.For some reason,the "Hi,mailman!" scene from Spongebob comes to mind.
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this reminds me of when i worked on a pumpkin with my younger sis years ago. =D
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I imagine Shining having just cut that pumpkin open, right then. 
And that's how Shining Armor got a little sister.
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Twilight is the Great Pumpkin!
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Twilight- Hi, Shining!
SA- Twily?, How'd you get in there? I just cut it open now!
Twily- I dunno...
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Raven: Eeeyup, that's a pumpkin alright.
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Aww cute! But I sure am glad Shining Armor hadn't started carving yet.
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*squee*:D (Big Grin) :squee::heart: So cute!:icontwilightclapplz:
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:icontommywiseauplz:YOU ARE TEARING ME APART,PONIES!
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Wow, that's adorable.
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Soup-rice ina pumpkin !
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:iconshiningarmorplz: "Twily, how did you even get in there?! I was just about to carve that thing too, you would've gotten hurt! :iconnoesplz:"
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Don't worry It's a hologram made by me ! The real one was in her room in front of the remote camera !
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Twilight: "I was practicing my teleportation spell, though my aim was off. Thanks for letting me out. I was having troubles breathing."
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