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Life at Canterlot High

By dm29
"Dear Principal Celestia..."

By popular request/demands/death threats, here are my renditions of the Equestria Girls and their filly counterparts. I didn't like Rainbow Dash's loud bottoms, so I dropped them. Thank you for the madness.

(Little ponies are cute. Sized on purpose. No Spike, sorry.)

Alternate, without the framing:

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Wow, I actually find this so cute!

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Too bad the series ended.
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And to think this franchise couldn’t get any cuter...

Someone preorder my tombstone. I think I might die of adorableness in 24 hrs. or less...

*dies* *ghost appears* My bad, I meant next few seconds.Spooky The Spoopy Ghost 

Like the news article of one super MLP fan had made one wish to be outlined in their will to be buried in a MLP themed casket when the time they were alive they made an appointment with a funeral home and a casket maker to turn their wishes into reality. Those could like the mane six along with their pony counterparts when the human rainbow dash had made a derpy hooves pose. As the pony rainbow dash and rarity hope they didn't leave a little surprise in the human applejack and rarity's hair. With the human twilight wondering if there was to be a scuffle between the pony twilight and flash sentry.

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I hate all of them
"Let's go, WonderColts."
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So adorable! Ahhhhh I'm gonna die from the cuteness!!~
See?  This is the real photo shot at the end of each opening.  They just touch it up in Photoshop.
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This is freaking CUTE and ADORABLE!
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Awwww... how very adorable! :aww:
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Fluttershy is so sweet!
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Flash wants his human.
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RainDERP Dash, lol. :giggle:
This is so cute.
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LOL, nobody loves spike, noob.
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i love the pony pinkie and rainbow also Inside Out Reaction Icon: Excited Joy Inside Out Reaction Icon: Twirling Joy Gamer Dash Trolls Nervous Dash Scout 
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I love how Flash is just like : I'm here because reasons? And Twilys like: u k dude?
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So adorable! You did a really great job! :D
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Rainbow Derp.
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