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It's Not Nice To Shout

"You gone done it now, Starlight."

Nopony interrupts out princess. Nopony. 

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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That's it, Starlight Glimmer! This time, you’ve gone too far!

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Freddy Does Not Approve (Chat Icon) Look what you did.

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Nyx: You made my mother cry, you great big jerk!

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I love how these ponies cry in perfect fountain streams.
It makes me wonder, if you were to turn a pony to stone while they were crying, would they continue to produce tears indefinitely in that petrified state? Because I would totally use a petrified pony as a garden fountain. It'd sure save on the water bills. Lol!
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(to starlight)Me: I oughta slug you!
Starlight: QUIET!!!!

Heavy: *blinks and then gets mad* NO!!!!!
Demoman: *bleeeeeep* YOU!
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Rainbow dash: You done it.
Party favor and applejack: CHARGE!
Starlight glimmer: Sh*t. AHHHH!
She gonna get it....
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shining armor: WHO MAKE MY SISTER CRY
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Heavy;Never,NEVER ! Make pretty horse princess cry !
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Starlight is about to have a bad day...
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Nopony Likes You Starlight. Nopony.
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Way To Go, Starlight, You Made My Friendship Twilight Cried
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What did she do this time...? 😠
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No pony interrupts the princess of friendships speeches
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(Cracks knuckles) Starlight, I never liked you too much, but now you've crossed the line!
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i like her now, in season 6 she's not evil anymore
SuperCrystalHedgie01's avatar
I know. I kinda like her
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TWILIGHT BUTTF*** SPARKLE! I did not train you to be a B****! Stand up and fight like the soldier I taught you to F***'n be or I'll kick you so hard you'll scream for Celestia to uncork your whiney ass!
*turns to Starlight*
As for you! You better run before my 5.56 NATO scrundges your ass all the F***'n way to the next PLANET!
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I'm gonna go ahead and do my part.....
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She is so dead.
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