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It's Just Fabulous

By dm29
Based on a dumb joke I made.

Yes, it is good fabric, Rarity.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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Reply to this comment if you think Coco should come back in Season 5 as Rarity's assistant (she doesn't have to speak or anything, just appear in background scenes).
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Huzzah! The pun has been doubled!
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Let me guess fabulous fabric ?
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Can someone explain the hype about Coco Pommel to me? I watched the episode Rarity Takes Manehatten, but she's basically another Fluttershy, I don't understand why we need another.
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Because she's fucking adorable. Heart - Free 
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Adorable? Why, because she's another Fluttershy? I'll admit she has a great design, but I don't like her personality, I thought she would be another Rarity, prissy but nice. Please don't kill me D:
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She's changed a lot if you go back and watch the new sneak peaks at the new movie. I agree, I wasn't a fan of her much in the beginning. But then I actually started looking into her more.
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She's going to be in Rainbow Rocks? 0.0 I'll go watch the shorts now...
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Hahaha, yeah! She is. :) She's a main character. 
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Wait, Sunset or Coco Pommel?
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Sunset Shimmer, yes.
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Pewds approve of this joke.
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I thought that said Fab-itch but then I realized I was pic btw. 
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Because it's more fun to combine words into existing words.
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It is good I tell you. :)
Very funny. :eyeroll: 
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Yes, it's obvious Rarity thinks the FABric is FABulous! :)
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