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It's A Horse Kinda Holiday (Day 25: END)

December 25th. Christmas Day.
Thanks for sharing 25 days of Holiday Horse with me!

This was sent as postcards to those closer to me (and who surrendered their mailing address).
A more formal greeting can be seen on my YouTube channel:…

Happy Holidays, everyone.

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Is this a harbor cause I see ships!
SeriousJupiter's avatar
Merry belated Christmas and may the horse be with you!
TooCliched's avatar
Merry Christmas!
cajobif's avatar
Thank you.

Happy Holidays to you aswell!
Didgereethebrony's avatar
Shame it all has to end...
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
Happy Hearths Warming Eve/Merry Christmas!
Jose-Ramiro's avatar
And Happy Holidays!!!
ShiningDragoon107's avatar
Happy Hearth Warmings Eve/Merry Christmas.
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This is amazing and happy holidays everypony!
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This is really amazing!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :D
templar127's avatar
YAY! Happy Hearth's Warming!!
bigpurplemuppet99's avatar
Wonder what song Rarity and AJ are singing.
ThirstyBoi39's avatar
happy horsemas

may the horse be with you, and live long and prosper
AliceDrabs's avatar
Happy Hearswarming everypony, everycat- dragon, dog, bunny etc !Marble is happy 
GGalleonAlliance's avatar
Merry Christmas and Happy Hearth's Warming, everyone!
Little-Hellion-Fever's avatar
Happy Hearth's Warming everypony!
BlazinAlicorn's avatar
Thanks for making these dude. Now take a break and relax.
Gorehound49's avatar
The ribbon around Shining's horn, so marks the return of "The Peppermint Stallion"!
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