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Impressed Ham

"Twilight, please..."

IT'S GREAT. IT'S MA BUTT. I'm very mature.

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Fluttershy: Um, okay.
Twilight: AHHHHHHHHHHHH. That it, lick it and kiss it.
Twilight: NOW BITE!
Fluttershy: Uh, are you sure about this?
Twilight: Yes i'm sure, bite it real hard. Use your vampire teeth to bite.
*pulls out her vampire teeth*
Twilight: Ah that's it. You can stop and start digging!
Rainbow dash: Can you lick my insides!
Twilight: Sure, thing!
Twilight: Oh, yum!
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Prepare for incomming booty!
Twilight Sparkle by CrusierPL  It's glowing! It's GLOWING! LOOK AT IT! Try to look away! YOU CAN'T!! *rude noise*

Fluttershy startled by Mihaaaa  Um, Twilight, what did you eat last night?
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Fluttershy: Um... What exactly am I looking at?
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Booty booty booty booty rockin everywhere
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Don't you mean, bootiful.
i've seen enough "stuff" to know where this is going...
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You saw the same thing I did (mentioned in my review-second screenshot):

The Hoofields And McCoys

this is what I observed:

*Actually, excited Twilight is a close second when it comes to being the cutest thing.

Close 2nd by DallasBlack  

*That picture also gives me this:

Twilight Sparkle  Looking Particularly Terrifying  by DallasBlack  : Look at my butt!

Fluttershy Face Hoof By Kutey8 D66loa2 By Dallasbl by DallasBlack  : Put that thing away Twilight.

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:icontwilightangryplz::iconsaysplz:Look. At. My butt.:iconsays-endplz:
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Twilight needs to stop making an ass out of herself. :XD:
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Fluttershy! Don't look at it!
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Anyone else hearing the Sexual Harassment Panda song from South Park?
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I love it when Twilight acts playful like Pinkie. :)
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So mature Twilight. So mature.;)
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You can say that again.
Somepony feels sexy...
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