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Icky, Icky Breezies

"Rarity. You're not out to harm my new friends, are you?"
"What, these? No. I thought they'd like a fanning, a nice scroll to read and this... citronella-scented air freshener..."

Number one. It's not easy vectoring Breezies. I have to do them big and then scale them down to size. And those wings! Two. This was done before the episode, so anything can go with the events of the actual episode that would air soon (or has aired).

"Remember that thing with the parasprites, Fluttershy? You do remember them, right?"

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"Except Breezies are sentient, they barely eat anything and unlike parasprites, they don't ruin towns in hours." shot back Fluttershy, slightly annoyed.
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If any piece of pony fanart is in character, this is the one.
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*Ahem* Rarity...:angered: *taps foot and crosses arms*
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Breezie, "We remember them! We said hello and they tried to eat us!"
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So, I wasn't the only one.

I still remember while watching the episode, I got this weird paradox of both seeing the breezies as adorable and cute - and at the same time they kept reminding me of giant mosquitos.

So all throughout the episode, my brain had to dissolve the paradox of "cute mosquitos".

It was rather distracting.
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Cutesquitos. (Cute + Mosquitos)


Sounds like a food...

Edible Breeziesquitos.


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Watch it, Rarity. Fluttershy had to get permission from the Equestrian Society for the Preservation of Rare Creatures to merely observe the breezies. If you break out the insecticide they will be on you like a ton of bricks. :)
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Hah! This is perfect. :XD:
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To be fair, I can see a lot of insect-phobes having a similar reaction to swarms of bug-like creatures with a tendency to land in your hair...
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:iconfluttershyangryplz: Oh you breezies are so cute and tiny
:iconraritysadplz: Icky bugs
:iconfluttershyplz: O__O
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"Then you shouldn't mind being made into one and getting the same treatment right?"
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Rarity: "Just being prepared, dear..."
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Breezie, "We remember the parasprites! We said hello and they tried to eat us!"
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Rarity: "The same thing happened to US, for your information."
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Fluttershy, "They just wanted to eat the town Rarity, don't exaggerate." 
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Rarity: "Exaggerate what? That those bugs destroyed the entire town and left everypony homeless for months before everything got anywhere near normal? Fluttershy, dear; after something like that, do you really think I wouldn't be the least bit nervous around something insect-like?"
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Seabreeze, "We're not insects! We're ponies! We're not bugs! Are you calling us changelings!? Why I outta-"

Bon Bon, "Everypony hates changelings! Waaaaaaah!" *runs away crying* 

Seabreeze, "And seriously! I thought Equestria was 'love and tolerance!'" 
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Rarity: *Facehoof* "Not this again..."
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O_O flutters looks out Rare....
better safe than sorry .. I always say .. they could be  a new breed of changelings or something..
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Someone needs to make fansubs of their chatter. I imagine they were cussing out Spike something fierce.

Seabreeze is actually quite polite and soft-spoken by Breezie standards.
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Yup, I could totally see Rarity reacting that way. You don't know where those.. things.. have been!
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Don't you dare Rare, or you might trigger Flutterhulk's return!!!
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