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Ice Cream and Me [!D.8]

"Must they do this every time?"

The gang head out for ice cream.
Too much sugar going around.

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Donut Joe! My stallion! I keep him and all the baked confections!
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Why is flash eating his spoon?
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Twilight: Oh brother...
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Get a room, you two.

Wait, they did... and Cadence is giving birth in a few months...

Well in that case, only get a room if you want multiple kids on your plate.
Ice cream on waffles?  I approve.

Obeliskgirljohanny's avatar
shining, cadence please! do this at home, there are kids here! 
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Twilight, you might end up doing the same with Flash someday.
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Flash is eating ice cream out of a floating spoon. XD
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He's sucking on it, because what he's seeing is so dumbfounding. 
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I just realized  Donut Joe  also  owns  Equestria's  Only  IHOP
Little-Hellion-Fever's avatar
People forgetting Spike is a baby dragon. He most certainly doesn't "need" a date. He can keep chasing Rarity and saying sweet nothings to Twilight.

What I want to know is why Cadence and Shining left their newborn foal at home?
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The kid ain't born yet until the show returns. 
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Spike needs a Valentine date.
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Twilight is right. I dont like it when people act that close in public
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I scream
You scream
we all scream
for ice cream

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"Must they do this every time?"

I know, right? Eating using their magic instead of their hooves like normal ponies. Yeesh...
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silly twilight, you are a unicorn, you dont need to dismiss the laws of physics with your hooves when you wish to spoon something in your mouth
hubakon1368's avatar
Don't you mean, alicorn?
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