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Ice Cream Social [!D.12]

By dm29
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Frozen treats, warm hearts.
The scarf is a personal touch. Not a cape person.

Watch the process:

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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Nothing like two best friends hanging out together
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recien me fijo que starlight lo afeito a su amigo XD
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sentry Xsparkle bottom left :3c
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Starlight Glimmer is happy - EMOTE Are we dating? Cause my bucket list is dating gandalf. You should do just fine
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Not even Celestia can sink this ship
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Did anyone see Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry?
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Colgate! You're going against your preaching.
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No, she's generating business for herself. Like the publishing company owner who writes a best selling novel. Or the ER surgeon who starts a gang war.
EmoshyVinyl's avatar
………That last one sounds kinda crazy. Even sBut creepy.
Articunos-Bitch's avatar
Equestria does not have laws forbidding such conflicts of interest.
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In fact, I wonder if Equestria has any laws other than stealing and being hostile.
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And den he told he was gay!
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Sunburst and I have similar tastes in ice cream, I see.
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An awesome pic my friend I love it :D
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Isn't dentist business productive enough for Minuette? Or is this part of plan? :D
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Well, we seldom heard ponies have teeth problem. Looks like ponies take care of their teeth well.
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Why the whip cream bottle tho?
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It'll make any ice-cream taste better. I like to put whipped cream on my ice-cream, and a cherry on top of it.
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Okay, happy experimenting.
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