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I'm Your Aunt Twilight!

Twilight makes the funny sounds. This amuses baby Flurry Heart.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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I wanna spit on them
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Flurry: *giggles at Twilight*
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^^ so heartwarming.
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Fun fun with the Light family.
I was like :iconpolishcrossoverfan: when I saw this.
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so  twilight is a ANT?
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No, an ant is an insect. An aunt is the sister of one's mother or father.
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I know it was a joke
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I can't wait for Season 6!
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Oh wow. this could easily be canon!
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Her wings and horn look smaller here.
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Twilight: I zerbert you! *blows raspberry on belly*

Flurry Heart: *giggles*

Cadence: Gee! I wonder where she learned to do that.

Shining Armour: *whistles innocently*
Flurry: *points*
Twilight I'm your auntie Twilight
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"Nu uh! Targwet pwactice."
Then she starts shooting sparks at Twilight.
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Heavy: You are dead! Not big surprise.
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