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I'll Amend YOUR Fence!

"No call, no letter? You come back and expect me to accept your apology party?!"

Don't hand a piñata stick to an angry friend you're trying to pacify, Twilight.

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SpongeBob: We used our calls and letters to make a kelp-mâché clarinet. [Moondancer gets angry, then begins to chase SpongeBob, Patrick and Twilight with a bat. The three scream, then laugh, then scream again]
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I think that there should probably be a couple of nails hammered into that bat.
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give me that bat, i'll be using it to beat up jerks
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Violence is not the answer, Moon dancer. It rhymes. Cool.
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Pinkie: That's not how you use the pinata.
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Lucky she never did hit her. Attacking a princess is banishment or WORSE worthy. No matter what Twilight says.
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Could had been worse. She could had gone Biofeld out of bitterness and try to get back at the world with doomsday devices, among other kinds of generic supervillain schemes.
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I think running will make it worse Twily.
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Moondancer! Stop going psycho!
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:icontwilightnoesplz: :iconsays3plz: Moondancer, PLEASE put the bat down!

:iconmoondancerplz: :iconsays3plz: STAND STILL! As the "pinata", you're NOT supposed to move!

:iconhorrifiedtwilightplz: :iconsays3plz: HELP MEEEEEE!
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Poor Princess Twilight Sparkle
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Be honest, originally I really couldn't resist the urge to imagine that Moondancer would beat the living hell out of Twilight when she handed her a pinata stick when I saw the episode.
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Me too :D An I even mentioned it in the comments under several blind reaction videos on YouTube ;)
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Recolors Are Official
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It's worse then that she was alot like her in personality too. Moondancer was Spike's crush before they moved to Ponyville, (teddy bear present in episode 1) which means Spike had feelings for someone who looked and acted like his keeper who has intentionally and unintentionally mentally physically abused him, (eg: buck and plot kicks, doors to the face, unnecessary shouting that throws him across the room, not teleporting him out of danger with her, let her friends treat him like a mere tool such as: dummy, fire lighter, and a pin cushion) and makes him do most if not all the: household chores, manual labour, and letter writing.

Of course whether Moondancer would treat him as badly is up to speculation.
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This must happen in the episode
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