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I Won't Let You!

Future won the poll, so here it is.

It's Secret Assignment Fluttershy and Future Twilight, along with Spike who needs to stop Twilight from doing something foolish.
A loaf of french bread was the most non-threatening thing I could think of at the time. French bread is lethal for bludgeoning, but for attempting to stab... it seemed safest, and most ridiculous. I couldn't have Fluttershy at knifepoint. It wouldn't be family-friendly.

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Actually, a loaf of French Bread could be quite lethal. Because they are quite hard, you could try to jab at the throat, and make the pony suffocate, 
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were s the  blood :c
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I really thought they were on a date for some reason.
D-Rock92's avatar
Put the bread down!
Abrofist's avatar
Fluttershy stole the intelligence.
ZeroMoon0's avatar
It´s Fluttershy´s Fault. Why did she steal Future Twilights porn suitcase? Even though Spike tells her, that everyone saw her preferences already.
Stevie-Bond's avatar
Bread as a knife? What next, a tomato as a grenade? =P
KaRyu1017's avatar
No, don't be silly! Who even thinks of tomatoes as grenades?! Pineapples make better grenades than tomatoes! xD
PSIness7's avatar
Personally, I think lemons would be better grenades.
KaRyu1017's avatar
Cause it has an explosion of sourness?
PSIness7's avatar
That and they're good at burning houses down. (I wonder how many will get this reference.)
KaRyu1017's avatar
Uhhh..... Portal 2....?

(I don't know the reference unfortunately.) ^^;
PSIness7's avatar
Correct, actually.
KaRyu1017's avatar
Oh I was right? I never had any doubt in myself. xD
And it's been awhile since I played that game too.
PencilPonies's avatar
Well, Discord had a loaf of bread as a sword in the S4 finale so it makes sense here xD
Djjacob1954's avatar
The bread looks like it's going past Fluttershy's mane.
SFaccountant's avatar
:iconfluttershynoesplz::iconsays3plz:Twilight, stop! I have a gluten allergy! Somepony HELP!
mouseanderson's avatar
I was just feeding it to her, yeah that's it.
Articunos-Bitch's avatar
This is so silly. So what would happen if 'Strummer' won the poll?
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