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I Wear It To Sleep... As Pyjamas

"Princess Celestia sent me here to... Are you wearing the shirt I gave you?"

Yes, that's right. I made Princess Luna Princess Bubblegum Marceline*. I didn't want to expressively change their looks, so I guess if you know the reference, then good. If not, then... just enjoy the image the best you can.

*Obvious sarcasm is obvious. Lighten up, people.

:star: Drawfriended on EQD Aug 8

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Adventure time reference!
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Adventure time reference
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This is good, but the fact that I ship Shining Armour with Cadence and Princess Bubble Gum with Marceline makes this a little weird, but still: GOOD JOB!Pinkie Jump Chica wave 
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I remember this scene :`)
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One of the better episodes of Adventure Time.
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Spike: Spikey's blankey, -snuggles blanket-
Spike: Here's that piece of Cadence's hair you like so much SA.
Cadence: Oh you.
SA: -sigh-
Spike: And here's your game shirt Luna.
Luna: Hey, that's not-
Cadence: That's mine. That's mine.
Luna: -blush- You kept the shirt I gave you.
Cadence: Of course, it's my favorite.
Luna: But you never wear it.
Cadence: Aunt, I wear it all the pajamas.
SA: Okay, so that's everything. What's your thing, Luna?
Luna: -blush some more-
SA: Wait a minute, Wait a minute! You don't have a thing, you just wanted to hang out with us.
Luna: No I don't.
SA: No way, you're caught.
Luna: -growls while turning into Nightmare Moon- I'll kill you.

SA for Finn
Spike for Jake
Princess Cadence for Princess Bubblegum
Princess Luna/NMM for Marceline the Vampire Queen

Maybe Button Mash could've been BMO.
Lightbulb Some one should make a comic like this.
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Yes i remember that episode with that fucking door needs them to sing!
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I like all the parts 'cept for the BM one...
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That one was wierd, and seemingly unnecessary.
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This was done entirely from memory, and I haven't seen that episode for half a year.
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What AT episode is that ?
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The one where the door lord takes everyone's stuff, and they have to form a band to get thier stuff back.
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I...I just...I can't. The things I am feeling. Never have my two favorite shows been so well crossed-over. THIS! is fantastic!
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owwwe thts where i saw this XD
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ADVENTURE TIME!! i like that!!!!!!!!!
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AAAAHHHHAADVENTURE TIME! I love this episode! :I
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adventure time!!! ERMAHGERD!
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OMG! MLP & AT TOGETHER! Awesome! *w* You're my idol!
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