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I Speak For The Trees

"Stop, like, bucking these lovely beauties, you corporate scoundrel."

Tree Hugger. Friend of the Trees, Envionmentalist, Activist. Together, we can shut down the evil cider train.

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Come on AJ! That's one of Fluttershy's old friends

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Tree hugger: it's ok trees,i'll protect you.

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AJ:  Fer Heaven's sake!  It ain't like I'm cutting them down!

AB:  But sis!  She says the trees can feel pain!

AJ:  Dangit, Applebloom!  Run along and stop listening to that dang hippy talk!
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The line from The Lorax
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this is why i hate hippie cunts
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Applejack (Angry) Plz :iconsays3plz: Tree Hugger! For da last time, we need dose apples so we can make some food and cider.

Rainbow Dash (Determined look) Plz  
:iconsays3plz: YEAH! I WANT CIDER!!

Applejack (Flabbergasted) Plz 
:iconsays3plz: When did ya get here?

Rainbow Dash (Happy) Plz 
:iconsays3plz: Just now.

Emoticon - Maud Bedroom Eyes 
:iconsays3plz: Apples can sometimes be shaped like rocks.

But I didn't listen (Pinkie Pie) PLZ 
:iconsays3plz: Good one Maud!

Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Grin 2 :iconsays3plz: Don't worry AppleJack, I know a spell that will remove your treehugger business.

Fluttershy frightend :iconsays3plz: I don't think you should do it Twilight, it might kill her.

Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Wat 
:iconsays3plz: Aw Come on! I've been eager to try it out for days!

Rarity (SO FABULOUS) Plz 
:iconsays3plz: How about we just go to the boutique and--

twilight sparkle (blink eye) plz Rainbow Dash (angry) #2 plz 
:iconsays3plz: NO!!

Applejack (Hangover) Plz 


Apple Bloom (Worried) Plz 
:iconsays3plz: Princess Luna, I said curse Tree Hugger, not my sister.

Princess Luna (Cereal as well) Plz 
:iconsays3plz: I...did not know that..

Celestia can have cake 
:iconsays3plz: Because she was too distracted.

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I have a set of rounds I can use to eliminate tree hugger, wanna try my M1A2 Abrams?
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Apple Bloom: Sure!
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Aaaalright, STAND BACK! And watch my work *rolls in Abrams*
This is Delta one, ready to strike.
Me: target! 100 meters, by that open field, Northeast.
Delta one acquiring!
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Nothing' of your concern. ;)
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Phfff! Ahahahahaha!
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Another reason to hate her. Stupid jobless hippies.
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in the words of Palpatine

Hippies suck ass in every galaxy
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Makes you wish they had their own Eric Cartman XD
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"I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues,
and I'm asking you, ma'am, on the top of my lungs..."
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Lol, I thought the trees liked it. XD
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... And then Tree Hugger quickly realized that she did not think this through when the Apple family just started bucking trees from a different side.
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Applejack: "Nice try, but you can't tie yourself to every tree."

Tree Hugger: "Actually, I just visited this place called the Mirror Pool, and now I totally can tie myself to every tree."

Applejack looked about to see that there was a Tree Hugger duplicate on every tree. "Oh buck me!"
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And so she did. XD since she couldn't buck the trees, she bucked herself.
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