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I Feel Like A Princess

She's gonna ride him all night long.

An allusion to Love Letters. Of course I implied she was gonna ride him. Flash was right to be nervous. Ever carry your lover on your back the whole date? It's exhausting!

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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I know it's been years, and I was probably here when it happened, but that comment section on Derpibooru loooks *****ng TERRIFYING. Do I even wanna know what happened there?

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here what the letter say.

"Hey Smoochums,

I'm gonna ride you like you've never dreamed! I've collected every version of the Pony-Sutra that's ever been written (even a few from before the Discordian era) so you'd best get ready to try out each and every last position tonight! By the time we're done, you're gonna be drained dryer than the Ponyhara desert!

P.s. And don't worry about not being to last through it all, I have a spell specially prepared for just that,


this is from a friend of lightsagah and i love this 
completed Twilight's letter to Flash!
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the eternal thread...
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i am sure shining a ride cadance in the past were both be the same age of flash and twilight!
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Me: Looks good!
Me: But we're missing spike!
Spike: What?
Me: Much better! Do you like it?
Twilight: YES!
Me: Thank you!
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There's something.... special about this image over on Derpibooru.  Can somepony explain, please?
How I would love to be carrying Twilight in my arms and making her smile, blush and making hearts fly out of nowhere!!! Another cute drawing!!!
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naughty Twilight naughty Twilight  LOL
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This will end up...naughty...
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The ride never ends, even for 6 months.
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you sure are twilight!
you sure are XD!!!!
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Lol, I had a dirty mind before.. Hmm.. Anyone have a feeling of playing Dear Future Husband for this?
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that flower in her mane looks really good on her.
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"She's gonna ride him all night long."
Is this gallery rated PG?!
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Weird, I just realized by now 
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Ponies riding ponies

(Oh god, the flames in the comment section on Derpibooru...)
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