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High School Dreamboat

"I can't stop looking at him. He's a little awkward, but he's charming when he has to... He's also a good brother and watches out for his little sister. You don't see that often with a colt these days. I should ask him out... Oh, my. What am I thinking? That's too far ahead, Cadance. Get to know him first. Then ask him out... But what if he rejects me? What if he already has a special somepony? I'll be such a fool... Why do you do this to yourself, Cadance? You need that confidence. C'mon girl. You can do it."

I love the idea of Shining Armor and Cadance being classmates in high school and Cadance dreamily obsessing over Shining Armor, which I suppose isn't so far from the truth.

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Is this part of a fanfic somewhere?
Candace: notice me senpei notice me
KironStrife's avatar
They're so cute together. Even if they're not together yet here.
Princess-Sera64's avatar
I've been their before when i was 14
Articunos-Bitch's avatar
<Violet Starshine flips threw old year book> Mommy? Did you get a government job because you almost failed out of high school?
MarioSonicPeace's avatar
Aw, that's very cute. :) (Smile)  Nice job.
Eugiius's avatar
I call Flash Dreamboat XD
MlpGravityFalls-FAN's avatar
Cadence is just like me though i stare infront of the Tv thinking about that guy in the show cause i have a crush on some one in a Tv show.... In disney XD 
(Myabe you guys have guessed it was Dipper)
its dipper..... I mean...... Hes so like me..... And that hair......and he looks Adorable without his Hat and vest.....
MlpGravityFalls-FAN's avatar
And you may now see i am a total fangirl...
and this picture IS ADORABLE!!!!!
Trashybanettedoll's avatar
Lol cadance is just like me thinking my friend at school his charming xDD
KessieLou's avatar
This actually happened something like that in the comics.
dancinninjac's avatar
Come on Cadance! You can do it! Just ask him out to the, you know! Guys love sport thing, right?
dingosnivysprint12's avatar
That's so adorable! Now that's high school romance :D 
evangelian007's avatar
I like the way you drew Shining. He looks strangely adorable.
:iconcadanceplz: He's just so adorable! So dedicated to his studies, so determined like her sister. Wish I could be as smart as him.
:iconshiningarmorderpplz: *draws doodle of him and Twilight cosplaying as Rocket Raccoon and Groot while riding on Grimlock while driving a hamburger Mario Kart style* My Magnum opus! Twily's gonna love it! 

Man I honestly would love to see Shining make a drawing of that in his own style(If you read the MLP comic books then you know how horrible Shining's drawing skills are). 
geoice's avatar
that is cute 
PXY-ART's avatar
Why is Shining Armor using his hooves? 
General5's avatar
Alright Class, please turn in your test!
TheRealForlong's avatar
How is he holding that pen?
dm29's avatar
that's a compass.
TheRealForlong's avatar
Okay, but I still don't know how he's holding it.

Hooves, how do they work?
inudragonqueen's avatar
Classmates? They pretty much were and she kinda did XD In the comics anyway.
DeJiKo07's avatar
This is so adorable!
Mad42Hatter's avatar
At the end of class, she looks down, and her notes are nothing but "Mrs. Mi Amore Cadenza-Armor" over and over again.
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