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He's My Big Brother

"He's so cool!"
"Wow! Neato!" 
"I wish I had a big brother!"

Twily shows off her BBBFF to all her friends. Shining Armor, feeling awkward, wished that she'd ask first.

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Wow, looks like the girls are seeing a handsome Shining. :)
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Awww so cute! All the little fillies think he's the coolest! 
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Koniwng Moondancer, she was probably torn up for weeks at the fact that she didn't have a big brother like Shining Armor.
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Lyra- what is it ? Moondancer- wow he's really cute #0_0# lemon drop- since when did twilight get a coltfriend ? Colgate- did you remember to brush and floss this morning your breath smells like a dumpster ! Minuette- wow twilight your so lucky !!
And that's how Twilight used her big brother to get popular lol
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Puberty: Activated
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That just is so much funnier when read in Jack Nicholson's voice.
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I love how everypony else is all 'He's the best thing ever' and Lyra's all 'What's the big deal?'
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That is really cute,well done:hug:
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Moon Dancer is soo cute
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Twilight is best filly x3
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For an unknown ans bizarre reason, I got the idea of Twilight acting like Suzy from Phineas and Ferb toward them.
teh-j0ey's avatar
Man, it's been forever since I watched that show. What was Suzy like again?
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Loves to yell to get what she wanted, except to her big bro and her parents. To them, she acts like nothing but an innocent cute little girl.
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Looks like Moondancer has a little crush.
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First Twilight abandoned her, than Shining got married. That was the tipping point that drove her to antisocial behavior. She could afford to lose Twilight because she was going to get the stallion, then her waifu was stolen.
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