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He's Dating Me!

Cloudchaser and Flitter fight over Thunderlane.

I did too many current/ran out of ships. So I vectored Thunderlane and Flitter, adding them to my repertoire. I'll be vectoring Rumble next.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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Nice scene, it's funny, and I love Thunderlane, and Cloud Chaser and Flitter are two of my favourites pegasi, I wonder if we will know if the two are friends or sisters?.
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Twilight Sparkle (no no) plz Sisters should share!
MLP Twilight Sparkle (Epiphany) Plz Friendship problem fixed!
Celestia is happy Kinky..  
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Two beautiful mares fighting over you, lucky bastard!
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It's nice being wanted, but he's just in the middle of a cat fight ...
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Girls, there's this thing called "Herding"....
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Good thing they do that in my headcanon. I mean why Twilight Sparkle could be the only foal with with a foal sitter (or in Rumble's case foalsitters) dating with their big brother.
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From what information I've seen from the fandom, "Cloud Chaser x Thunderlane" is a thing, and "Flitter x Rumble" is one also..
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"Yare yare daze."
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Love triangle problems
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*steals quietly Thunderlane*
*puts him beside Rainbow Dash*
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Thunderlane: Do I get a word in this?
Both of them: NO!
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One true threesome!
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"B-but I'm not da..."
"O-o-ok... ;-;"
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Poor Thunderlane...caught between two equally stunning twins...
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No, she's mine!
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Joys of dating an identical twin. Been there, done that :)
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Flitter and Cludchaser are twins in my head canon too.
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Thunderlane: "Do I get a say in this?
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If one could only be so lucky.
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It hasn't been since the 8th grade I had twin sisters fight over me..."I'm dancing with him first!" "No I am!"
(regardless if flitter and cloudchaser are related; they just look similar so it reminded me of that)
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