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Have You Seen My Boots?

"Um, Sunset..."

Yes, Swimsuit Shopping.
Your human notions of modesty are nothing on a pony humanoid.

Expect a bunch of new vectors for Equestria Girls Southern Hemisphere Summer Beach Days!

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Claro si un hombre hace eso es enterrado vivo  6 metro debajo de la tierra pero si lo hace tu amiga es solo un momento vergonzoso.

Stupid logic

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Englise motherf**ker, do you speak it!
rbskullhead's avatar
At list she wasn't bottomless 
Rixlan's avatar
Is that a price tag or is Twilight stuffing?
KawaiiMichie's avatar
Definitely the price tag.
Happy-Note's avatar
i misread the title.....
PineyCreek's avatar
I'm guessing there was a second B in there.
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(Blood System): I HAVE IT! *sniff Sunset's boots* aaaahh! ...... *give Sunset's boots back* done, it smells good. :3

(Sunset Shimmer): Sunset Shimmer um....... thx...?
T1mbuk0n3's avatar
Twilight: Who are you?
KittyCutieMeow's avatar
(Blood System): o3o ......... IDK
T1mbuk0n3's avatar
Sunset: You don't know who you are?
KittyCutieMeow's avatar
(Blood System): oh yes yes! ........ I'm a monster who had infinity of blood. :3
T1mbuk0n3's avatar
Sunset: A monster?
KittyCutieMeow's avatar
(Blood System): Well Idk what I'am, like a red cell blood
T1mbuk0n3's avatar
Sunset: Or a humanized version of a green pony.
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omg scitwi is so hoty
bookwormsteve's avatar
walks in on sci-twi um hello mmm^^
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Sunset, don't you know never to open a dressing room curtain if someone is in there?
tokyofox200's avatar
Oddly enough I can see Sci-Twilight being more bold about her swimsuit choice than Sunset..
BB-K's avatar
Wow, almost thought it's lingerie. And Sunset in one-piece is so beautiful. :D She looks attractive. Sci Twi in bikini, I wonder if she's going to be attractive to boys as well. :o
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