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The Doctor has been all over this universe and has seen all sorts of curious things. None, however, are as curious as this pink equine.

Marking Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Shenanigans and the premiere of the fourth season of our lovely ponies.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro, Doctor Who © BBC
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only pinkie can get into The Doctor's TARDIS unnoticed with all his other forms. and only she can have multiple of herself in there without the paradox cause she breaks the paradox along with the forth wall. the paradox got in the way when she broke the forth wall.
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Nice one Pinkie Pie! ^^
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This art is all the funnier since the 100th episode.
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Why is he even surprised? He should know there's no way to avoid Pinkie on a party day. Should have just met up with her earlier.
Doctor Who What Icon Another one?!
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This is AWESOME :D
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-is hanging from ceiling- WOOOOOOOOO PARTY!!
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:iconpinkiehappyplz:: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

:icondr-whoofnoesplz:: WHA?! PINKIE?!! HOW DID YOU GET INTO MY TARDIS?!...and where did you find my other incarnations?

:iconeleventhdoctorplz:: You should have seen what she's done to MY TARDIS! She painted it PINK!

:iconsevenplz:: It wasn't the first time that's happened.

:iconninthdoctorplz:: She's filled mine with balloons! (I'm still not convinced.)

:iconlaughingdoctorplz:: She painted your TARDIS pink LOL XD

:iconeleventhdoctorplz:: Well then, what happened to you?

:icondoctorwhoplz:: Oh she released a toothless alligator in the TARDIS.

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you win the internet. congrats.
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Check the glove compartment.
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You win the everything award.
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This comment is so much win :happybounce: 
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pinkie get out the tardisCURSE YOU! 
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Not even Time Lord technology can keep Pinkie Pie at bay. XD
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:iconpinkiepieadorableplz: - "I am such a big fan of your work!  I wanted to congratulate your 900+ years of work helping others in the fifty years that have been recorded!  And you know what?  Your tenth face was one of my favorites!  Did you like your tenth stage?  Or is it your eleventh stage now that the one who was hidden was revealed?  I know it's a little tricky to follow at times, but I can handle long lengths of detail that is slightly scattered about!  Do you like cupcakes in this regeneration?"
:icondr-whoovesplz: - "Yes, it would be obvious you can handle the impossible, Impossible Pony.  Honestly though, I know enough ladies who are impossible..."
:iconcutepinkiepieplz: - "Silly doctor!  Say, wanna see something crazier than a Weeping Angel?"
:icondrwhoovesplz: - "Um, sure?"
:iconcreepypinkiepie1plz: - "BOO, Doctor!"
:iconawesomewhoovesplz: - "My my my, you are a high-spirited one!  But you will probably wander off too much if I brought you... still!  Your sense of kindness, justice, and to do right by others... I've said I have always picked my companions right.  Come, Pinkie!"
:iconpinkiepiecheckplz: - "Allonsy, Doctor!"
:iconawesomewhoovesplz: - "Now now, that's my line!"
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Stop recording the conversation!  :D
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Am I recording? I'm pretty sure I'm doing the opposite.
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The opposite of recording is erasing.  Oh no!  Are you the crack?!
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Recording | Playing
I think you've got mixed up

Opposite of Deleting is Creating ;P

(hehe see what i did there)
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