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Guy's Night

By dm29
"others may say you're a pdweeb, but you, orange horse who daets my sishter... i luve yuuouu. you kxnnow nthat..."

Thought it would be nice to get some of the guys together for drinks. Two of the lads have had a little too much. Flash, you got a car, right?

It's a MUSHROOM burger. Carls Jr. has them. 

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xXBLITZyXx's avatar
i love shining armor & flash sentry aah
PinkieThePowerpuff's avatar
You guys (and Derpy) are drunk. :O
Ro994's avatar
I didn't even notice Big Mac until I read the description xD

Btw, I love how Spike is drinking juice :) he's still a baby, after all.
AZREAL258's avatar
Is shining armor drunk?
FangRoseTheHedgehog's avatar
I just love that Big Mac is out cold. How are they going to explain that to Applejack, or Cadence, or even Twilight, if she has power over her older brother?

"Flash said you were drunk off your tail."
"I just had a few too many drinks, Twily. I'll admit that."
freelancerraiko's avatar
This needs to be an actual thing.
creepycandy456's avatar
Umm shining?
ColinRocks99's avatar
Flash: Shining, please give me personal space. Shining: Bleh the cats collided with the salad.
BronyOfEquestria142's avatar
MarcySparks's avatar
Wow i love this pic drrpy is the waitress
SharpySaber's avatar
Soarin and the fuckin pie.
SalandreJerenity989's avatar
Soarin fuckin the pie.
AspiePie's avatar
Gayness.... Yiss!Clapping Pony Icon   Vinyl Scratch 
rektsonkek's avatar
bulk biceps is ugly as shit, i almost throw up
MarcySparks's avatar
Twilight (seeking in the window) hhhhuuuuuh, its HAYBURGERS IN COMMMMMMING!!!
SomePkmn-LovingDude's avatar
:iconprincebluebloodplz: : How come I wasn't invited to a guy's night out?! *grumbles*

:iconmlpfancypantsplz: : *frowns* Your not the only one my dear boy.

:iconbraeburnplz: : Ditto. :icongrumpyplz:

:iconmlpcheesesandwichplz: : Hey, I didn't get invited either. *frowns sadly*
fanfics4ever's avatar
Shining- spike sent you guys letters, and you didn't RSVP.
SomePkmn-LovingDude's avatar
Blueblood: Huh?

Fancy Pants: I'm sorry, but I don't understand RSVP.

Braeburn: Me too.

Cheese Sandwich: What's that mean? Really Smelly Violin Ponies, or somethin'?
fanfics4ever's avatar
Big Mac- you didn't reply, so you weren't invited.
Spike- I sent you guys letters, didn't you read them?
SomePkmn-LovingDude's avatar
Blueblood: Wait, I do remember getting a letter a while ago. I threw it away because I thought it was a prank letter from Rarity.

Fancy Pants: *facehoofs* Doh, I told Fleur to read my letters during my errands.

Braeburn: Mine got eattin' by a snake. But I forgot about it. ^^;

Cheese Sandwich: I'm a traveling pony, I don't get mail. *grins*
fanfics4ever's avatar
Bulk Biceps- you guys can come next time
Flash- we'll save some seats
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