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Good Morning, Twilight

By dm29
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"Morning, Twi. I spilled ink on the parchment, the kitchen's on fire and I lost all our mail. What're we doing today?"

What's so good about it?

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Yep, a great day indeed🙃

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Spike = Google robot or alexa bot
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Flash Sentry plushie? Taking a hint from Spike, huh Twilight? Having a plushie of your waifu?
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If this was in the show I will die laughing 
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I'm waiting for season 7
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Do you think they still showing it 
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Dose no one see it? Ok I'ma say something. She has a Flashy plushy! I want one too!!!! 
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spike´s face literally screams: i screwed up really bad
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Sleepy Twi is cute!
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Oh my, a Flash Sentry plush. :D
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OMC! lol I'm so dead! XD
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"You know what, I'm going back to bed."
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Don't forget your official Flash Sentry Beanie Baby.
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that's the way
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Cuuuut! but spike still needs some work
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:iconfacehoofplz: :iconsays3plz: Just get me a pot of black coffee, and I'll punish you later...
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spike (great!) plz I didn't say it was good. You're smart, you should understand this stuff
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Envy Covet Spite (Throws Spike out the window)
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