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Good Morning, Shining Armor

"Rise and shine, sweetheart."

Conversely, Shining Armor always wakes up in the morning with a prickling in his ears. Oh, wifehorse.
(In the light of recent events, I gotta label this now as unrelated to the Violet Starshine universe, so don't get any ideas.)

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Cadence wants to make a Flurry!
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Used in recent video, hope that's alright:…
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ahhh the ear nom <3
DAMN! That's ridiculously cute! I can't handle all this cuteness at once! *Heart attack*
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"Nom nom nom". lol Not too hard now, Cadence. MLP Emote Shining Armor Crying Princess Cadence-BUH
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Wish I had a girlfriend..... :(
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I'm with ya on that, man.
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I know your pain man.
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It will happen. Believe me. Patience DOES pay off
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But do try to seek one out through normal socializing instead of going Johnny Bravo on them.
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*sigh* I miss being married.
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Have fun with that
"in and out" action Shining Armor and Cadence
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And then sex happened.
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Very beautiful! Good Luck! If you are looking at the same art style visit:
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"uuuh... good morning. Why're you tasting my ears?"

And Cadance says Meow :3 
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Please don't tell me she wears the crown to bed!
Your eyes say one thing but your wings... oh, they're saying the same thing...
SA:yeah that's better. I - I don't understand it - th-this has never happened before...
C: i know honey - you're probably just tired
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now...............EAT HIS EAR OFF! XD
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I think they're both still a bit loopy from last night. (Wink, wink)
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Princess of Love in action. :meow:
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