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Go Play Outside

"Mommy has to do some important princessy things."

Feels like I did this before...oh, yes. Go Be Adorable Somewhere Else. Only Twilight is happy to take Spike outside.

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Will the MLP FIM crew did base the ponies design on cats, so...Meow :3 
JoeBrony's avatar
Cute and funny. :)
gibbs615's avatar
Twilight is MORE like Spike's adoptive big sister than mother!Nod Giggle 
Shadowspider9's avatar
The recent MLP comics say different.
gibbs615's avatar
I'm talking about how it was in the series though.
ASCToons's avatar
Awww, Spike and his mother :3
cooldude154's avatar
*take spike and put him back inside* spike be free to do whatever you want in here
OkamiJubei's avatar
Spike: I don't wanna.
DarthWill3's avatar
Aw... How sweet!
Pastel-Pony-Artist's avatar
:iconspikethedragonplz: :iconsaysplz: Only if it means I get to play with Rarity!
:icontwilightsparkleplz: :iconsaysplz: No.

UnseenVision's avatar
Spike wouldn't be so grumpy if it was Rarity doing this :D
samykhadre's avatar
I don't fink ponies catch there babies like cats !
ShiningDragoon107's avatar
Spike (Upset) Plz - Mommy? You're only like 3 years older then me. Be
FluffieChocolate's avatar
Twilight Sparkle HI, GIRLS. animated icon : Shhhh.... There,there... no go play out side,like a good,little dragon,okay?...
evangelian007's avatar
So Twilight still thinks of Spike as a baby....despite the fact that he's the one that cleans the library and or makes Twilight breakfast.
Sure. ;P
jay-villneff's avatar
sometimes we need that push to get out of negativity and go have fun. this reminds me of that. so thank you =D
Omi-New-Account's avatar
Spike: I don't want to go!
Twi: You have to.
Spike: No!
TWi: Here's a loli. *hands Spike a lolipop*
Spike: *sighs* Fine. *Taakes loli*
Twi: *picks up SPiike and takes him outside* Have fun!
Spike: *Sneaks back in after two minutes.*
AspiePie's avatar
Twi: I have something to do as a Princess...
Twi goes back inside after putting out Spike...
Twi opens up a book and gets a magazine... It is a Playmare Girl on Girl edition! 
Twi:  Time to check out Luna!
Articunos-Bitch's avatar
I guess we now know who protects Luna from nightmares.
JasAnderson1215's avatar
Aw.. hehe that is cute! ^^
KitsuKusanagi's avatar
"If you wanted some alone time with Flash, Twilight, just say so! You don't gotta patronize me!"
DeJiKo07's avatar
This is so adorable! :)
I wish they would feature this relationship more. Twilight did practically raise him.
GunnurBoyExo's avatar
HAHAHAHAHA Don't forget the hat with the helicopter rotor on top. XD
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