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Glad I'm Here To Help

(why did they even bring me back here? Can't they do that some other time when Canterlot High is not under threat? I'm not even musically-inclined. Why couldn't they call Cadance instead? I miss her and my brother. I wish Rainbow Dash wasn't leaning on me. We're all gonna die.)

I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN IT! But based on the little time I spent with it during the pyjama scene, Twilight looks like she could need some help. And what can be derived from the trailer is that the gang is relying on Twilight to have a solution at hand. Poor Twilight.

Best Pillow.

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She's not sure which is worse; the lyrical writer's block, or the fact that Rainbow's clinging to her and she has to use the bathroom.
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Oh, Twilight, you are helping... them get a good night's sleep. 
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*Starts Singing & Playing The Totem God, Tikimon's Music SO LOUDLY THAT EVERYONE (EVEN THE VILLIANS) ARE AWAKE!!!!!!!!!>)*
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Love Rainbow Dash when she sleeps..
Poor Twilight.
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Twilight: ’A scenario where I’m both expected to be the hero but also hilariously unprepared for the part. It’s the Crystal Empire all over again.’
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I love Sunset Shimmer.
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alternative scene.........friends will be for you all the time :D
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Can I make a base out of this?
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Imagine if twilight got up? One would wake up. Then another, then another!!!! 
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I dunno of shes just like that because it happens many times in her world or that rainbow its hugging her, making to think that she may be really a fillyfooler no matter wich world XD
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I'm glad to see sunset with them. Also to find out she is one of the good guys. 
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I don't even know what i'm doing 4 (Full Version) by DigiTeku :| (Blank Stare) that was not me
Don't know why but I want to carry Sunset to bed, tuck her in and kiss her goodnight when I see her like that... pre-parenting instinct?
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Meow-thank You soooOOO CUTE
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Girls sleep in piles like puppies.  I never knew that.
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They Asleeps... Tiems to do something naughty! 
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Awwww! Good night, girls!
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A dude, why she isn't tell Fluttershy made the leter o.o
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