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Give Us Something Sweet To Bite


I only had the other Halloween-style artpiece, but I guess I couldn't not have a regular MLP piece with the Mane 7.25. Happy Halloween.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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Im sure flash is like "Twilight its me flash, whats wrong with?"

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Watch out, rainbow dash!
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We're all gonna die!
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Oh no. First Flutter, then Shining. Now Twily?! Oops! 
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Yup, flash sentry is a goner. :/
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Call the Dawnguard! OH, wait, I'm a member. (Draws crossbow) Suck Exploding Dwarven Bolts, bloodsuckers!
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Calm down, calm down! Don't shoot the bat, shoot the skeleton right around the corner!
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Is that you slendy? XD you look dead.
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And the guest behind the tree?
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OK, I know that 'twilight' has vampires in it, but this is ridiculus!
( sorry, i cant spell today...)
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Is Twilight going to kiss him or eat him? I'm not even sure
cooldude154's avatar
By the look on her face probuly a third option is involved
whodatninja9386020's avatar
Two shots worth a kill each*looks through the scope*fire.*fires and kills twilight*now*quick scopes flutter bat*
supert2002's avatar
*you got taze before you could and killed by mlg brony sniper* never kill ponies
whodatninja9386020's avatar
*gets up dazed but picks up sniper and fires 2 shots and one hits then falls back down*
supert2002's avatar
*shoot that bullet before it hit one of them
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Uh oh. We are doomed. First Fluttershy got turned into a bat and now Twilight has been turned into a bat.
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Charmless: Evil vampire ponies stand out from the funk!!! flash, distract the vampires by throwing yourself at them

Flash sentry: wait what?!?! I.... *gets attacked by vampire twi*

Flash: gah!!!!! The vampires got me, charmless!!!!

Charmless: good job flash!
Now spike ramble on while I point at the sky dramatically!!!!

Spike: bababuey, dragon power, bababuey!!!!!

Charmless:Excellent,spike. Now every pony run REALLY REALLY fast until we are far far away!!!!!

Flash: wait, where did everypony....?

*get attacked by vampire twi again* "aahhh they've got me again, charmless!!!!!!!
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