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Made earlier this year around sportball season, this one fell through the cracks and wasn't uploaded to deviantart.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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Spike looks like a little boy.
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It upsets me the way they're doing Flash in EqG now(all because the poor and the SJWs griped) and, the fact that Pony Flash has practically disappeared...
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I'm glad Spike gets to hang out with them.
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Now I know what goes on in Equestria every Monday night. =P
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GO SPORT TEAM! BEAT THE OTHER SPORT TEAM! What?You like a different sport team and don't like the sport team I like? Well, I don't like you! How dare you not like my sport team!
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I sure do love me some NOT Beer.
aqdrobert's avatar
Rarity's father scores touchdown!
GJTProductions's avatar
:iconangryrarityplz: <- Triggered
:icontwilightsparkleplz: "Yeah sure, we're willing to watch him on the TV, but PLEASE don't talk about him in front of Rarity. She doesn't like it."
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Shining Armour WHY GO GO GOOOO! TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cadance (Lazy) Plz Wow Shining, you show such determination for your team. Its quite a turn on
Shinning Armor (Worried) mlp season 6 Not now Cadence, I'm trying to watch!
Inky-the-unicorn's avatar
Judging by Spike's expression, Twilight really ought to check what's in his drink lol
YAY TEAM! Let's go win the sports!
hoofball night!
YAY!!! gooooo TEAM!
"you don't even know who I'm rooting for, do you?"
"nope, I just came for the snacks!"
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MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy Go Colts!
Castle Guard Flash Sentry What A Mare Emoticon. I'm more a Bronco guy.
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Envy Covet Spite ........We should see other ponies.
Castle Guard Flash Sentry Thinking Emoticon. *STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPID*
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Are you ready for some foobaw (referencing from somewhere but I don't know) ?
GunnurBoyExo's avatar
Foofball time with Families & Friends. :D
Cinnamon-Swirls's avatar
Thank god for new art! :) I did not like my first day back at school today... :(
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you know football season is starting in september
MrNintendoNerd24's avatar
Wait they have football in Equestria? And TV? And pizza?! Why don't the writers tell us these things?!!
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