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That's not very nice, Twily. Not in front of Princess Celestia...

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Celestia: Looks like I'm winning (For the 1200 time today)

Twilight: ...

Celestia: Twilight?

Twilight: #*@% THIS GAME!!!*Flips the chess board*

Celestia: ...

Twilight: It's 4 in the morning Celestia. YOU WIN!!!!!
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just rotate the board. that's what the old man did. ;)
Aww, but you weren't losing Twilight, you only lost few pawns and single rook...
At least she didn't burst onto flames. Though I would love to see that version.
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Luna: *Pops her head into the frame* And the 75th Hunger Games winner is... PRINCESS CELESTIA!!!
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"It's 4 in the morning Princess Celestia, YOU WIN!"
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If I were there, I'm gonna flock her. Don't care that Shining Armor and Princess Cadance is watching or not.
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Young filly twili = sunset shimmer
people i look in the eye tells me evertime i beat them at a game want to do the same as li twi
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How cute; Twilight, you gotta learn how to be a good sport Lol 
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Dat rage quit.
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XD Oh, what a silly filly.
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:iconshiningarmorplz: "Gets worse when you consider the Princess has probably been playing the game since it was INVENTED... :iconheaddeskplz:"
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i sympathize, Twi
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Then she send Twilly to the Moon!
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Dm29, I cannot tell you how much this image makes me smile. It's so funny and perfectly done. It has become my favorite picture. Thank you.
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No worry, I know how make no longer do this.

50 Minutes Later...

I got a Roast Filly to eat. This meal was cooked by me and "Twilight", of course. 
Princess Celestia: Miss Sparkle I'm afraid we need to have a word about Twilight's bad behaviour.

Mommy Sparkle: Bad behaviour! Did you see the chess board? She flipped the b####!      
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:iconprincesscelestiaplz: :iconsays3plz: Looks like I'm winning this game, Twilight.

:icontwilightwhatplz: :iconsays3plz: Uhh... *looks around* *flips board*

:icontwilightsmileplz: :iconsays3plz: Oh, dear! Looks like we'll have to start over.

:iconcelestiawtfplz: :iconthinksplz: Well, this is new...

Twilight doesn't like to lose. =P
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TwiFace (Wrong neighbrhood) PlzSaysplz emoticon edditionF@#* this game
Princess Celestia Icon ProfileSaysplz emoticon eddition:iconglarefaceplz:
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