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Flash Sentry is Partly Canon

Party Cannon... Partly Canon... they all sound the same.

Take as much salt as you want, but M.A. Larson deems Pony Flash Sentry canon from a sudden AMA session on Twitter, since deleted. Equestria Girls, and Humanoid Flash Sentry, are separate, non-canon entities. So congratulations, Pony Flash Sentry, you made the cut!

Not that this should matter to anyone.

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I've been meaning to ask you, does the fact that the Tweet has been deleted mean that its claim is no longer valid?  I don't have a Twitter account so I don't know how it works-don't judge me.
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NO means YES! FIRE!!!!!!!!
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Pinkie: Because he took Maud's Boulder! SO I'M GETTING PAYBACK!
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Why does Flash look at Twily? He wants to say "Help! I don't think this is a good idea!" ?
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I know people don't like to think this :| , but he is WAY more canon than Sunset Shimmer is. :(
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IT MATTERS TO ME!!!! yay I like flash I was hoping since they threw pony flash into it they'd follow through with it
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:iconengineerplz: Ponies Firin mah sentry !
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If that's the case, what's to stop Applejack from calling Flash her pony? Could he be her time traveling son?
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Flash isn't my favorite but yeah...
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Well that's too bad FIRE!
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Canon Cannon!

Just a joke a friend of mine made after correcting which word to use regarding a story.
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Pinkie, you're doing it wrong, aim the cannon at that lovely brick wall :3
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Chill, Flash. We have a 20-foot-wide net right where the target area is. Assuming you forget to fly, you should be safe. :)
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flash: im going to die aren't I
pinkie: you have wings silly
twilight: plus you'll be fine you gone through a lot worse from my fans
vulpinecantdraw's avatar
but… he's got wingsies! he'll be fine! … … … right? :stare:
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Since Princess Twilight caught Flash Waifu stealer Sentry sleeping on the job with a Sunset shimmer daimakura and a lot of dirty anime doujinshis "borrowed" from Fluttershy and Moon Dancer he's been pretty much fired......from a Canon. :XD:
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ok, flash in pony universe is more useful than the flash in the EG universe

i hate less pony flash now (not completely, but is something)
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Now he just needs a larger role and development!!
Also, I love this picture. He looks too cute with a helmet.
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I'm okay with him being canon, as long as if he plays a role in the show, he gets some actual character development.
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dm29 has done a fantastic job giving Flash character in his pics and comics. If THIS Flash was the one they went with, I'm sure nobody would object. :)
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"Cloudkicker! Save meee!"
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