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Flash Sentry, Crystal Guard Ver.

Our new poster stallion for the Crystal Empire Guard.

He just looks so good in... whatever metal that is.
Just celebrating my breakthrough in crystallisation of ponies, and that Crystal Guard armour.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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Diamond armour
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How long until Hasbro finally realizes they're handling this character wrong?  Keep up building in his personality and you might be partially responsible for a possible re-scripting of Flash for the better in the future
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That's how Shining Armor rewarded him after the poisoned cider incident.
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I love him in crystal armor! :love: Well, I love him ANY way!
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I would assume that's diamond armor or something like that
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It's a good look on him.
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Flash Sentry seems paranoid. And no wonder why. There's angry fans around every corner.
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flash crystalized sentry
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That's soooo cool!
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Very well done here. :)
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Nice job!

Twilight, stop staring.
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I love flash's design. His personality? Not so much.
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It's a steel-based alloy with titanium, nickel and chromium with a little bit of silver electroplating.
Light, strong and above all: pretty.
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Because why not!
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The new model for the Equestrian Crystal Guards xD LOL Recruitments are open lol. 
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